Reviews for Do You Want It Right Now

Performed by Taylor Dayne

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Review about Do You Want It Right Now
------Performed by Taylor Dayne | 06/15/2007 11:00:00 AM

The One that didn't know when to say so oooh no?

Talor there are some golden feelings when i touch upon this there here song again an again i want to just come alone but i now know that i've found our home, that being where the heart is an i'm saying to you these words of faith and to just cope i'll never ever let this time inside of you let go. say to u let me love your sides again and again until i'll be forever indepted to your light within. Say somethings are never ever going to cease until the sensible begins to feel lucky again in Vegas to Morocco to the beginnings of the Triple Crown we still find another in our professional times. So i'll just read on for your love is to true, can you ssayy is this loovveelliinnees a promise of the heart or from the heart? Taylor what is it when a woman judge say to another couple that there's not that much love in the world. sort of scary is it not or is it true Taylor? Hey call me (PLEASE)... !

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