Tata Young is Awesome! | Reviewer: lizzy | 4/20/12

I love all your songs and listen to them all day. Don't listen to the people that say you're bad, just keep following your dream. That's what makes a singer even better. You're a really pretty girl and your English is fluent, even if you're a person originally from Thailand. I live in Australia and my culture is from the next country over from Thailand - Cambodia. I enjoy listening to your songs that I can listen to them all day! My favourite album is "I Believe".

So don't listen to what you don't want to hear, and focus on what you want to do. It's your life, so don't get bad reviews to ruin your career and dream of singing.

Amita Young. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/12

Hi Amita (TATA)Young,
you take all the good efforts from your bottom of the heart to give your best performance. I wish you you all the very best for your all upcoming albums.
Rohit R. Atre.
Advocate from "INDIA".

fuck ya | Reviewer: killer | 2/2/11

hey m.f tata young i dont like any shit of yours.you think you r pretty but u aint pretty. u know wht u r da worst thing on da earth n u still think u r pretty. u not even worth like a shit. u r jst another bitch rounding around n that's wht u r. one last thing i wanna tell u is that keep urself inside ur home. n not try to come out if do u gonna get urself fucked u got me. n here is thing stop fucking with thiland's culture if u dont stop doing it they gonna shave ur ass off, n stop acting like a snitch. u know wht i think u r not getting it coz u r da crazy ass bitch n aint know wht to do. i mean how did u became a singer u dont even know wht music is. all u know is how to get fuck n that's wht ur proffesional is n everybody knows it. so go fuck urself. u got it if still dont then let me know i'm here to fuck u up. coz i know wht u like wht u want but u can have a pick my balls sack or my dic...................... so eat it. n 4 sure u gonna like it. guess u wanna get alot dic... in ur mouth dont worry gal people'll make tht happen. so keep waiting n u gon get it.

aint know | Reviewer: killer | 1/5/11

hey i know tata looks beautifull caz she is. but it really doesn't matter how much beautifull c iz there are bunch of others too. but they don't act like a bitch. tata is just a another bitch tryin' to set a example of whore. and c iz another dumb ass. c aint know shit bout' music and c has no idea what music iz. that girl iz just tryin' to ruin thiland cultural history all c wanna do iz that fuck her country off. and but c aint know that doesn't gonna work in thiland. i'm not from thiland but i do love thiland's culture,the way people act i love all the things thiland. but i don't like a bitches like tata tryin' to fuck thiland. hey tata " if u r a real singer so act like a singer if don't so stop producing ur fuckin' crazzy ass albums and stop fuckin' with thiland otherwise u'll get ur self fucked. always think twice and act wise.

Some great songs, some HORRIBLE songs | Reviewer: Arkatox | 10/29/10

Tata Young is talented, and has an amazing voice. She's pretty and graceful, too.

There are plenty of her songs that I like, but some total pieces of crap are her songs "Everybody Doesn't", "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy", "Dhoom Dhoom", and "Ready for Love". There are more pieces of crud in her songlists, but I can't think of them right now.

For the most part, her songs are otherwise pretty good. I like "Cinderella" a lot. I dunno why, considering I'm a boy.

Hey best album was I Believe. I'd say just stick with that awesome album. Don't forget to take off a few of the songs. >.<

Tata you rock | Reviewer: terryrika | 8/4/09

She is beautyfull, sweet, pretty, and i love her songs!!I have listen your song "DHOOM" of the bollywood film "DHOOM" but your songs rocks than the indain song of this film.I love your two songs very much sexy,naughty,bitchy and crush on you.I hope you will sings songs like these one.You are a great singer keep going on like this.I hope you will read this.
Your biggest fan

Good or Bad??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

firstly,tata young is Thailand's no 1 pop sensation.She has also stepped into asia and the western world....at the same time her rise has been clouded.In the beginning when she was young her first songs depicted real talent.but as for now every song is a disgrace and topping the list is Sexy,naughty &bitchy which has no meaning whatsoever except for the fact that she looks good in the video.And if that has led her to her fame,It is extremely disappointing.Is she promoting thailand or establishing the fact that prostitutes rule thailand.Thailand has changed and is still changing.And Tata is not helping.Why doesnt someone assasinate her before she spoils thailands name completing by posing nude in those cd covers and in her song videos!!!!
Tata,If u r a true thai and patriotic u will reform your style....As for now,u dont deserve the recognition u r getting....

Tata..!!Hii..!! | Reviewer: mHyRA* | 10/28/07

bout' my fav artist,,Tata Young

She is beautyfull, sweet, pretty, and i love her songs!!
When tata was came to Jakarta, its very exited cause i can saw a real tata..
But i wish i can met her again and talking, sharing and bla...bla..

So, tata..never stop ur carrier know and spirit fot today and tomorrow!! i will be waited ur new albums in MTV and ur movie..

Keep in touch..Thx
MHyRa- speCial to taTa yOunG

Please come to West High School for a another concert please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lishba | 8/31/07

Hey!!!!!!!!! remeber us girls? we want another conert from you really soon because i'm going to out of the group. Realy soon when i'm 18 years old so please come back to America again? thanks your biggest fan, Lishba, Gill

Tata Young is taented, sexy and a great role model and ambassador | Reviewer: Steve | 7/1/07

I disagree with the previous (Anonymous) reviewer who said "Tat Young is realy basic."

As the Farang father of a 14 year old girl with a Thai mother, I would be proud to have a daughter like Tata who has done so much to promote Thailand and to help underprivilidged kids in Thailand. In fact it was my own half-Thai daughter who is considering an acting and singing career herself who introduced me to Tata's music last week and after reading these comments I just had to respond. My daughter too has talent yet was discouraged about her chances od success til she heard of Tata Young's story.

Tata is a performer, and the "sexy image" is part of her act. To compare Tata with a Prostitute is appalling and does nothing for Thaiand's "image." That the reviewer is Thai makes me particularly sad. Too many people in the West have a negative perception of Thailand as being popuated with Prostitutes and pimps without the reviewer mentioning this false attitude.

The fact is Tata is as talented as Britney Spears and much more modest and together than most Western artists. Tata appears to be a clean-living star who has not let her fame go to her head.

I have news for the previous reviewer: many people in the West already have a false view of Thailand based upon the out-of-control prostitution industry there and associated exploitation of women. Tata is presenting a very positive image of a young, successful, taented and confident young woman from Thailand who is showing the world a thing or two about taent and class, and is a great role model and ambassador for Thailand.

I wish Tata continued success and if it was a vote between her, Madonna, Britney or Janet Jackson for example for who is the most respectable star who hasn't et amazing success go to her head, it would definitely be Tata!

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/06

She's good. I like her sexy, naughty, bitchy the best. I love her other songs too, just not as much as sexy, naughty, bitchy!

tata young is really basic! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/06

I liked tata's old video's as a young teen in thailand but i hate her new image, only protititutes in thailand dress like shes promoting, She became famous by wearing revealing clothes which does attract attention and she use's her so called half asian looks to win a crowd, I love palmy another half thai singer who at least respects the traditional thai people rules for skin exposure, she wears long skirts atleast and she just wants to do some singing then get on with her life and not contantly want more more fame like tata. If tata becomes international in the west I will scream!, with her new image loads of westen men will come to thailand to find girls like tata or protitutes to take back home with them, image if the whole world was singing in tight leather and being bitchy to each other, WHAT A ROLE MODEL YOU ARE NOT! HILARY DUFF IS THE WEST'S ROLE MODEL WHO SINGS ABOUT SONGS ABOUT BELIVEING IN YOURSELF AND SHE NEVER WEARS REVEALING CLOTHING! THIS IS WHY ALL HER GOOD PEOPLE FANS LOVE HER, ROLE MODEL.
this is not america or england, THIS IS THAILAND!, people don't dress like britney(tata) in thailand unless your a protitute. I want whats good for thailand, the people are easily influened and i don't like tata's new image for them! tata if you want more and more and more fame, it will get to you, tata would not of gained fame in america because theirs to much competition but it was easier for her to in thailand.
Being famous is not a good thing and if you want more more more which shows your gready it will ruin you.
People need to get on with their lives and if your always on the magazines,on the ads,on the radio,everywhere every min it gets to you big time. I like stars who do their their little bit of fame and after a few years sing less and get on with their lives like normal people till a new star appears, at least that would be something new and would not be looking at the same face for 20 years!.
I just want what best for thailand and asia.
Tata young thailand's singer-more like thaialand's slutty image singer
please drop the fame tata!

Hm... | Reviewer: Anny | 7/1/06

Vocal wise she's a pretty decent singer and as potential to do better (if she's willing to take voice lessons). Music wise, her lyrics are horrible (at least her English songs). That song Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy...made me wanna pull out my hair. I know in what context she's wanting to use 'bitchy' but it just doesn't fit the song. A bitchy attitude in her mind is a good thing, like being strong, independent and comfortable with her sexuality (which is great). However, 'bitchy' isn't the right word to describe that attitude. Singing about wanting a guy with money isn't exactly something a strong and independent woman would say.
There's another thing that bugs me. That two finger (sort of like the peace sign)sign she uses in her dance when saying 'bitchy' means f*** off. I wonder if she knew that. Many of her videos aren't too creative. It's just her dressed up in several outfits, slightly different background, singing and dancing.

Tata is dreamy | Reviewer: Brian | 9/5/05

One of my favorite songs is "Kam Faa Maa Ruk Gun," the Thai version of Moon River by Tata Young. I do hope that Dangerous is simply a misstep because I seriously believe that the US is heading away from rap. And sweet is what Tata is--not bitchy or dangerous.

Tata Young has no talent. | Reviewer: Mary Anne | 6/29/05

Let's make this short and simple.
Tata Young may top the Thai music charts but has a very unlikely chance of appealing to the American audience. I listen to her lyrics and cringe everytime. The first time I heard one of her songs was last month when I went to visit my family in Bangkok (I live in the US) and I heard her song "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy"...oh god... my first thoughts were "this songs sucks! who's singing this piece of crap?" and lo' and behold... Tata Young is on the tv prancing around like an idiot singing to her pathetic tune.

Words I'd like to say to Tata Young: start writing your own lyrics and make sure theyre more in depth rather than "I wanna marry a tall guy.." or like talking about guys she'd lay... how inappropriate is that? You're not a role model Tata Young. You're promoting yourself like a slut. And no one abroad will buy your cds. STAY IN ASIA WHERE NO ONE UNDERSTANDS WHAT HORRIBLE LYRICS YOU'RE SINGING!!!!