Reviews for Zombie Attack Lyrics

------Performed by Tankard | 07/21/2004 12:00:00 PM

Zombie Attack, Understated Elegance

Zombie Attack, the first song on the first side of Tankard's first effort (also the album name), is a fantastically brutal speed metal exhibition of loudness, rip-your-face off hooks, and a poor grasp of English. It is WAY before its time in its charmingly utter lack of sophistication and dementedly bad instrumental; drawing strongly from punk influences for its nearly tuneless energy even as the rest of the song is strongly predictable in its (metal) chord progressions. It is a bitch to play cleanly because of the nearly magical quickness of the guitarist (try it, you'll see...and even he made a hash of the instrumental), the lyrics are laughable but not to be judged too harshly as the band speaks German as their native language...and at this point in time (1986) were undoubtedly not too fluent.

None of this, however, should command any more attention than the utter power and ruthlessness to the song that characterizes early Tankard tunes. Zombie Attack is violent, bare, and animal; in fact, it epitomizes speed metal in way not recaptured until much later by StormTroopers of Death. Some would argue many bands matched Tankard's musical energy, and many more would argue correctly that their lack of mainstream appeal was primarily due to their uncompromising reliance on distortion, speed, and alcoholic themes, but for a song (if it can be called that) that makes your ears bleed while your speakers short out, Zombie Attack is the penultimate sonic assault.

Thanks to Phil McLaury for submitting the review.