Reviews for Angels In Waiting Lyrics

------Performed by Tammy Cochran | 09/30/2007 12:00:00 PM

in memory of my son

This song i deacate to my son whome i lost may3,2002 he was killed by a drunk driver as he was walking with his friends.He was only one that got hit. This song makes me wonder who he be today what he be doing .He was type of kid that would do any thing for u and never ask for any money or any thing in return.. he was killed a month before he graduated from high school and 2 monthsand 6 days from turning 18. My son was a special kid he touched everyones heart in more was then one. He knew how to make u laugh when you was down.And he knew when to crack a joke at right time. He is my angel now. he was my only son.It kills me now cause i can not have any more kids due to a surgery i had for cancer. I have to girls and it was hard on them when he was killed. Hard for them to walk across stage and graduate knowing he didnt graduate and wasnt there but he was. He was looking over them at all times. I miss you so much joel. Love ur mom....

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