the voice of reason | Reviewer: enoch booi | 6/10/13

i cant begin to describe how i love tamia.her 1st album is the best album ever.i love her so much i even made a big tamia tattoo writing on my hand and i still love your are one of the best ever.keep growing.loving you still and still are the best maybe you should always include the word still in every loving you still tamia

About Tamia | Reviewer: Krista Johnson | 4/24/12

I think Tamia was gay because if you listen to her lyrics in (Me) i am going to let everbody read the part that made me think she was gay (Cuz she's actually formin' a threesome
And I'm happy that I can join them, and
Their names are me, myself and I)


'Tamia", You are at the top of my list for being one of the most inspiring recording artist of all time. Through your singing, you've demonstrated Professionalism, Greatness and Excellence that is above and beyond. Your singing touches the heart and soul of many a listener for a lifetime. You are greatly admired and adored. Looking forward to hearing more of your music. Wishing you all the best. Thank you "TAMIA".

Simply pure talent | Reviewer: Kristie | 1/6/11

Tamia is one of my favorites! Ive been in love with her since I first heard this song! I have every single one of her cd's and when I say I listen to them all the time... I do! She is just so underrated in the industry but she is by far the baddest. Her music will bring tears to your eyes or the strength to overcome what you are going through! Tamia I am a huge fan of yours and your voice is just so simply beautiful!!! Love it!

Wishing you best of health | Reviewer: Debbie Tate | 4/22/10

Hi Tamia
When I read about you having MS I became very concerned. I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago but the Lord is showing me favor. I exercise everyday almost but I pray constantly. I drink water only and it's called "Real Water" in California it can only be purchased at Whole Foods. I wish I could talk to you and tell you how well I feel most of the time. Please feel free to write me back. I've been trying to find you every since I read your story in the Jet.
May God always bless you

Debbie Tate

I Chose ME Great song even to men | Reviewer: Jay | 8/30/07

Well I agree with everything that was said, No I am not gay, Just sensitive to woman's thoughts, But I see that what is not said is this song is more about an abusive man raising his hand to her, which lowers anyones self esteem and worth, and that is why she says enough is enough, I chose ME, It is a song to make woman say I love myself more than this.
A males view and opinion.

Respect | Reviewer: Randi | 6/22/07

I've been a fan of Tamia for a very long time. Her CD's brought me through a lot of heartaches, and gave me the strenght to go on. Her music has a purpose, and meaning.
Thank you Tamia!

Between friends CD | Reviewer: tracy | 5/2/07

This is a wonderful Cd. I have played it non-stop since I purchased it. It is a shame that Tamia does not recieve the publicity she deserves as a beautiful graceful clothed woman! This is singing, I pray that one day R&B will bring to veiw the real female artist and realize that showing skin ain't in. What about real talent such as Tamia? Tamia desreves more publicity, why is that she is never nominated for a grammy? Oh I know why.. She acts too much like a lady! keep doing what you doing Tamia!!

love her | Reviewer: joy hylton | 2/16/07

I have a lot of respect for this girl.Hope u and grant stay together forever. Any kids?

About Tamia | Reviewer: tashaura legrand | 4/20/06

Tamia's songs really make me think about things such as love,family,and friends so we really need to hear more from her.