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Performed by Tamia

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I had to choose me over someone else to | Reviewer: Dedriana | 12/6/07

gurl i love this song i heard it onn the radio one day and have been looking for the name of it for about a month now i thought it was me but this song never came up but so glad i found it now this really a song that alot of girls need to listen to when they are in a unhappy relationship and kind of forced to be in

This is the best | Reviewer: Shaiquanna Maloe | 11/19/07

Gurl u kno u can make a good song no doubt mane like 4 real though I want 2 be a singer when I grow up so I listen 2 this song everyday to insire me like mad love 4 this track and your baby!*!*!*!*!*

i luv it | Reviewer: meshia | 11/9/07

omg wen i herd this song i was crying because i find myself choosing him other than having respect for myself and when i herd it i was like this is the song for m......

words from a thirteen year old girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/07

i have listened to this song many times. Every time I hear it, i just sit back and let the words sink in. Luckily, I have never been in a relationship where I forget my needs. Actually, I have never been in a relationship period, me having been only thirteen. I just hope that i never have to experienence the rough times that so many generations before me have had. I know that in the future, i will come across people that want to control me, but i know that i just have to let go and love myself before i get hurt. Uplifting songs like this should be made more often. It is hard for me to fully understand a song when all the lyrics talk about are violence and women. Some of my friends think i'm weird because i don't like the newest kanye west song for example, or the new fifty cent song. But then again, i'm just sitting there wondering, "how can listen and enjoy this garbage?" So overall, i really love this song!

Mrs. Cena | Reviewer: mrs. cena | 11/7/07

i love this song and i like the title "me" By tamia. i love it because this song is saing the truth about woman that the are about to have a baby and the man hit her and he not even care about the baby. i tjhing is a beautiful song i thing is the best i ever heard in my life.
By: Mrs. Cena

Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

This song is very uplifting, for I really did not pay attention to the lyrics until a recent breakup. For, I know that this is how I felt in that past relationship and thankful to be out of it.

EXPLOSIVE and SO TRUE | Reviewer: sarah | 10/20/07


tameika | Reviewer: tameika | 10/8/07

Tamia I really love this song, I've heard it before but tonight... I just listened to the words and the melody's of the song. Last year I start loving myself first , and this song really brought back memories. I love your music... You're doing a GREAT JOB!!!!

This Song and Reality | Reviewer: Mp | 10/6/07

I've listened to this song many times. I also found myself singing it as well...when i hear it, it makes me realize the self worth and importance someone needs for themselves. Its funny, because listening to it, its so true, but too many times we found ourselves being in love with someone. When that occurs we feel the necessary need to take it all and accept the person no matter what and abuse ourselves. The song is beautiful but reality sometimes overcomes the listener.

im so in luv with de song | Reviewer: mpho | 10/2/07

I've always been a fan of tamia since 4rm her 1st album up until now she'stil good,dis song taught me 2 love me even more,thanks tamia u're my inspiration.keep on doin de good work.i wud really luv 2 see u and hug u 4 dat

I feel it was made for me! | Reviewer: Ja'Nean | 10/2/07

This song helped me to let go of someone that i thought i couldnt let go of because i loved him more than i loved myself which is sad...I love all of her music but this particular song gets me!

tamia | Reviewer: richelle | 9/29/07

that song is so good i really like it....... some time you jus have to choose your self sometime i really liked keep bring them hits

Tamia's song me | Reviewer: Pertunia | 9/23/07

Tamia; Tamia i really dont know what to say.I love all of her songs,but this one has tought me to love myself even more.My day does not end without me playing this song on my phone. I JUST LOVE IT.

i luv this song..... | Reviewer: Melissa | 9/21/07

This song is so true. U have 2 luv urself if u dont no one will...I wuz in a abusive relationship but thank God I had enough sense 2 luv me an leave...This is a beautiful song and it can go both ways 2 women an men....Believe it or not men can also be abused mentally and physically...U go Tamia....

Positive song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/07

This is such a positive song. All teenagers should listen to it. They fall in love so quickly and put up with so much abuse in their relationships. This song really shows that she fell in love with herself first, GREAT SELF ESTEEM SONG. Way to go Tamia

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