Alice Cooper | Reviewer: Rich | 5/16/14

Alice Cooper is now a syndicated radio DJ. According to him,Byrne told Cooper it was written about Cooper after Byrne saw Copper in concert.
I don't much see that in the lyrics (other than the psycho reference!), but this is straight from Cooper.

to know this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/11

First time to heard this song, is from my friend's facebook said about it about a mother singing it while walking with a baby. Then, I though why is so strange? After that, I heard this song in burger king twice time. After that is I just get remember it very clearly in my mind.

This song will always rock! | Reviewer: Craig | 12/30/10

I have been a talking heads fan since I first heard them around 1980. Their music is still ahead of its time even today. This song is one of my favorites! If you have never heard the cover Phish did at the Nutter Center in Dayton, OH need to hear it! Incredible segue into the song and a full rocking version!

The killer kittin | Reviewer: Carly | 7/8/09

I love the talking heads!!! My dad got me into all of his music... So i got that going on. This song rocks!!! I would say much more but im typing from my ipod so... Yeah... And its11:30 so... But i would fill this box in a heart beat with positive comments about psycho killer!!!

the classics | Reviewer: greg | 5/24/09

i totally agree with the review about "singing in the mirror with the full lunacy on your face". The driving beat is just addictive combined with the laconic singing style and french splashed throughout! Just smashing mad!

Great song | Reviewer: Chris | 2/23/09

Hey, to a young kid's ears, it does sound very dated, but it's a great song. I actually heard it from my father BEFORE it got on the TV show, Heroes. When I heard it, I jumped up and almost screamed, and said "Dad;s gonna be happy about this." Sylar is, in fact, a psycho killer.

RockBand-tastic! | Reviewer: RoseH. | 1/26/09

I played this song in Rock Band 2. At first, I didn't really think much of it. But when I sang it, I found it really fun and catchy. I love the the French lyric twist it has; it's the part I enjoy singing the most.

Yay Talking Heads | Reviewer: Cristina | 12/3/08

Talking Heads are well put together band with Great songs and Great lyrics. When i first heard this song "Psycho Killer". . . It got stuck in my head and I couldn't stop singing it. Just Brilliantly Awesome. :)

Psycho Killer..Qu'est-ce que c'est? | Reviewer: AnGi | 5/21/08

Oh boy. i love this song! its truly amazing. I'm a huge Talking Heads fan and this song is what got me hooked. I absolutely love it! Every time i hear it i just want to get up and dance!

[[Excellent Song]]

First Time I "Really" Heard It. | Reviewer: Krakan | 2/27/08

I've heard this song on the radio growing up and didn't think anything of it, until I heard it on Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. It was so good that I thought it was a cover. By the way, Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon "Is" an awesome movie.

*dances* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/08

i'm almost embarrassed to admit, but i first heard this song on "behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon." (great movie). and absolutely loved it. it's both fun and creepy at the same time. =]

american psycho fa fa fa | Reviewer: wesley | 12/30/07

american psycho in music, well done and that fa fa fa fa fa is that from the monkeys or something in know its from another band but cant remember for shure. brilliant chorus

Meh. | Reviewer: The Wandering Saksik | 12/15/07

This song is rather potent. I've heard better choruses, but this one really gets you dancin'! I love it, but I hate it at the same time. Expect a more in depth review later.

psycho thriller!! | Reviewer: leanne | 8/7/07

I love this song, it's one of the best songs written ever ever!! just a touch of madness about it,you can sing it in the mirror with full lunacy on your face and look great lol xxx