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Performed by Talking Heads

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Foolin' around? | Reviewer: Court | 4/6/09

Not to turn this into a political argument or anything but saying that the United States saved us from "speaking German and being searched by nazi soldiers for your identity papers 24-7" is just as ridiculously ignorant as claiming that the US was/is responsible for millions of deaths. Before you start trying to make arguments to support your country pick up a history textbook.

Anyway, wonderful song...wish they still made them like this. (:

LOVE IT! | Reviewer: Anna Woodfield | 2/6/09

Only today I found out what it was all about. It is a really good song. Full of rhythem...
I love it.
Not to go off subject but 'And She Was' Is also one of the 'Gems Of Talking Heads'
Overall it is a really good song.

Oh, dear! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/09

Take a few deep breaths everyone. "Life during Wartime" is a SONG. It has lyrics and a very dance-able melody and on "Stop making sense" it rocks. It is not about World War III, just the battle for every day survival in the rat-race. BTW, I suggest reading up on the Russian front of WWII before you suggest USA takes credit for the defeat of Hitler, and as for the USA being responsible for "billions of deaths" -excuse me? Was I out of the room when this happened?

Achtung darling! | Reviewer: Whatduzitmatter | 12/30/08

U.S.A. responsible for billions of death? Are you for real? Obviously you never lived in the United States and.... If it were'nt for the U.S.A. be assured you would be speaking German and being searched by nazi soldiers for your identity papers 24-7. You do know what totalatarianism is, dont you? Wake up.

USA | Reviewer: sudaca | 12/13/07

USA Sucks, STOP WAR!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP Global Warming!!!!!! USA is responsable of billions of deaths all around the world, and it will be forever if Northamerican people don't do something. U allways say America, you aren't all america, bastard

Like Orwell, Talking Heads Saw It Coming | Reviewer: Lawrence Walker | 5/8/07

This has got to be one of the most provocative party songs EVER -- a DISASTER DANCE song! Like so many Talking Heads songs, it mixes the dark shadows with whimsy. And what a mix this is! It gets down to The Basics: the Sinister, the Silly, and SURVIVAL. Now how many songs are smart enough to do that? We fiddled while Rome burned. What will we do while America cracks at the seams and crumbles all around us? Better start coming up with some answers, 'cause when we try to run away, we'll have only one tank of gas to get us there. If we're lucky.

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