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Performed by Talk Talk

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Hypocrisy in religion | Reviewer: ilovethismusic | 1/7/13

Here's what Mark Hollis said in an interview, "So Happiness Is Easy is about wars in the name of God. Religion and war, two very different things that have nothing in common. That’s the first one. The second I Don’t Believe In You, has as its subject the propaganda films in which the government promised in 1945 that now everything would be as fantastic. Look at what is reality." In another article, Mark said, "I believe in a human form of Christianity, in religion, any religion, which is based on the freedom to make choices for themselves, on respect for each other." The song I Believe In You is about heroin addiction.

Last reviewer has salami over his eyes and ears | Reviewer: blythe spirit | 12/10/12

"Religion supresses bit Christianity sets you free." No harshness intended, but you really didn't nunderstand those lyrics. Try changing the Christian references to another religion of your choice and watch how different you will think and lose your "spiritual understanding" of these lyrics. Then read up about Mark Hollis, and listen to Talk Talk's "I don't believe in you" followed by "I believe in you". Maybe you'll get a deeper understanding as to what was really meant.

Deep and thoughfull | Reviewer: Verve | 5/13/12

Hmmm, it's interesting that someone actually understands the difference between religion(made made rule) and Christianity(Heavenly guidelines). Religion suppress but Christianity set you free.


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