I can Relate | Reviewer: Kristina | 12/3/07

I am actually the opposite of what this song says. I am the girl who basicaly took over my boyfriend. And made him feel like crap, and feel bad the entire time we were going out. This song helps me realize what a complete bitch I was, and I get this song better then alot of people because now the boy that I did this to before is doing it to me. It hurts and what goes around comes around eventually. Stupid life lessons!

Is there a better song?? | Reviewer: Richard | 11/12/07

Is there a better song??
No there isn't
The lyrics
The situation the lyrics describe
Taking Back Sunday just rock it
They really do rock it
Best band ever
It just doesnt get any better
Reminds me of me and my GF
Just OMG!!
Just rocks

make_damn_sure....you listen to this song!!! | Reviewer: rOsAlInD | 11/6/07

I love this song a lot!!!!
I can really relate to it so it helps me understand the song better!!!!!
I love taking back sunday....they is the shiatznitz!!!!!
No other band can compete with this sitz right herr!!!!...lol
I saw them live march 11 I think in california and they fucken rocked out with underOATH and from first to last


TIMBERWOLVES AT NEW JERSEY in fucking right before you're so last summer on the TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS album, Haley. And as for Bevin, if you don't get this song now then date someone who controls, manipulates, and belittles...only then will you begin to understand. THis song is much deeper then a cliche "I hurt cuz we broke up song"

love it... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

because it helped me get through a tough time w/ my ex. describes our relationship perfectly.

ohh yeahh babyy.;) | Reviewer: oliveahh | 9/17/07

i friggin loove this songg mann.
but yer mamas a luzerfacee...sooo...yeahh.
i dont like her!
shes a wierd fat ladyy inna stripper suit!
what noww..."niggerfaggit!"

you know im totally kidding...right???
in case you didnt know...i am kidding!

THEY ROCK | Reviewer: kaylee | 9/2/07

i just saw them on the first of sep and they played this song and it was AWSOME!!! THEY ROCK!
luv from kAyLeE

:D | Reviewer: Danni | 8/30/07

I luv taking back sunday, and i think ur so last summer is amazing :D never break up guyz! plz!!!

<33 | Reviewer: Maria | 8/23/07

I absolutly love this song. It reminds me of me and my boyfriend because we just broke up 2 months ago after he cheated on me. Even though we only dated for a year and a half it felt like a lifetime and i try to hate him for cheating on me but still deep down i want him to miss me and want me back still though hes over me. But i love this song.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

I love the situation he describes in the song about being mistreated by his girlfriend but only ever wanting to be loved and missed by her. And no matter what she does he can't seem to hate her for it but only blame himself. Great song awesome vocals and altogether amazing