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------ performed by Taking Back Sunday

deep as the pacific | Reviewer: emily Pierce | 8/1/07

This song really is quite poetic I think. I take it to be him saying in the lyrics what a girl is saying about him. I mean, isnt it so typical for a girl to think a certain guy she has dated is over-rated, yet still want to know they will be missed? Anywho...I think it has meaning and its cool with me.

freaky.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/07

this song gets the freak out of me!! yeah, i'll recommend this to my friends.

wow haley | Reviewer: jorgy | 6/18/07

wow yo u call that other girl a poser but timberwolves in new jersey was off of the album tell all your friends so yeah die.

kool awesome! | Reviewer: bevin | 4/19/07

um.. i dont fully get the point of this song... yeah i think its about they broke up and hes telling her that he hopes that shes missing him ? and that she hates him?

thank you

Hahaha... | Reviewer: Haley | 3/15/07

Look at that poseur who wrote 'lol' at the end of her review. What an idiot. Go home, stop leaving pointless reviews, eh?
But anyway, TBS are really amazing. I love the "If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar" part, though my favorite song off Where You Want to Be is Timberwolves at New Jersey.

Amazing. | Reviewer: mckenziee | 3/14/07

This song and this band are absolutely uh-mazing.

wow | Reviewer: SeanP | 3/14/07

amazing song, and yes amazing CD. This song, cute without the "E", and there's no "i" in team are my favourites

chris | Reviewer: chris | 2/13/07

I LOVE TBS AND THERE LYRICS....and i kno this song by a heart and others but yah this is my fav song by them..and i went to the warped tour it was awsome

bebe koh,azie... | Reviewer: zieanne | 2/20/07

well the video was so nice...this guys was the freakest of all the singers that i was on thier music video..the teeth ofthe vocalist wa s so discusting...but meaningful and heart touching..keep on rockin`..

love tbs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/05

i love these guys i got to go to warped tour the summer before last and got to meet a few band mambers but not adam :( i got pics from the pit and this is posible one of my fav songs cause it is simple and the lyrics are killer

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