<3luff. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/11

Taking Back Sunday was my life in grade 7. <3
Their songs helped me through alot.
& Meant a lot. Haven't heard them in years now.
In 12th grade as of 2011-2012. :P
Yet these songs bring back so many memories.. <3
"Maybe I should hate you for this.."

Amazing band. | Reviewer: Kassieandra | 8/23/10

I can't say I can relate to this song because I love my fiance.
But what a great song!
Lines like "The truth Is you could slit my throat, And with my one last gasping breath I'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt"
and "You're a touch overrated, You're a lush and I hate it, But these grass stains on my knees They won't mean a thing"
Are simply brilliant and beautiful lines.
I don't usually listen to songs I can't relate to...But with lyrics and sound like this,I can't resist!
Go Taking Back Sunday!

So true... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/10

This song is so amazing an important for me. Before when I listened to it, I just thought that it was a totally awesome, catchy song. But now that I've been through a relationship that fits this, its hard not to get worked up listening to this song, it just puts a pain in my chest but its okay. Because it reminds me how much I really loved and still kind of love this guy, and it still hurts. But now he's dating this stupid ass chick that I introduced him too, and who was supposed to be my friend by the way. So now I can't tell him anything about how I feel no matter how much it can still hurt. And this song totally says that, cause if he did slit my throat, I still love him enough, that I would apologies for bleeding on his shirt. and thats just not fair. So thank god for TBS!

so last summer!!! | Reviewer: andy | 8/14/09

well this song is amazing this summer has been so weird, and TBS does a great job of relating of what im goin thru,,,,,,even tho my ex is a lying bitch i still run back and believe her lies i hate having that spell over me

wowzzers | Reviewer: killsnot | 8/8/09

I love this song so much....its freaking great cause am going through some crazy shit with my ex right now.... no matter what we say or do each other we always end back in each others arms.(its been 3 years)...I love her and hate her just as much....I know she gets shakey at the thought that I am every thing she wants cause I am everthing she's not....I can hear this song all day and never get tired of it... I've seen them twice in concert and am proud to say I was not disappointed....its so ture and if u ever loved someone that's hurt you so much but can never tell them no even though u know its going to hurt even more ... then we all can relate to this band.... long live TBS.....

<3 | Reviewer: Amanda | 7/10/09

I just heard this song and I fell in love with it. This song describes perfectly how I'm feeling this summer or to be more detailed exactly how my so called bf is making me feel. The lyrics and emotions behind this song are well put together. Definatly one of the best by T.B.S.

Im not to entirely sure, | Reviewer: ×zak | 11/1/08

But the way some of these people were writing there reviews, was almost as if they were speaking directly to the band. And I dont know if they know or not, but sing365.com, isnt Taking Back Sunday.

Anyways, on the other hand, I love this song, and although you really dont need the help of lyrics, and a web page dedicating them, I think it was quite honorable for whomever to do this.


Love it.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/08

I love the song but what sucks is I feel just like the girl from the song when she says "these grass stains wont mean a thing" so I told the guy I didnt want to be friends anymore because I wanted to remove myself from the situation before I got hurt & by doing that what I really wanted was for him to realise he missed me and had feelings for me but instead he was real quick to replace me with another girl and I called him out on it and he told me to listen to this song because "he wishes I knew half as must as I pretend to" and its just sad because although I know I ruined my chances by catergoring him with all the past scum bags ive dated before him, its so hard to beleive I am wrong by assuming I mean nothing to him when he can just replace me so quickly. What do I beleive? What I think I know and see or what he tells me? "I just want to know that ill be something that he'll miss"

these things | Reviewer: Lily | 3/26/08

This reminds me so much of a guy i dated,
we loved each other, but things changed
and he started overrating me, i still
love him though everything he has put
me through and i just want him to want
me again, to love me and miss me just
like the old days, but i don't know if
i would accept him thought because of
my pride, i think i would..

but i think he has get over me, and
we are both dating someone else, but
aghh i just want to be with him again!

yep yep! | Reviewer: elisha | 12/11/07

this song rocks! its one of my absolute favs! taking back sunday is a really great band. even tho they hear it all the time, but really, they are!