lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

i think it's "Don't hold your breath"
if you listen to it can hear that it's not "So..."

shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/07

whoever said this was about jesse lacey is an idiot. this is the first song adam wrote and it's about the singer he replaced. brand new and taking back sunday should just get over it and tour together again.

fnglkdfnhh | Reviewer: andrew | 7/17/07

i love this song so much!! it has great meaning and is completely awesome!! TBS rocks!!!!!!

tbs | Reviewer: sammie jay | 7/10/07

i went to see taking back sunday live in rock city nottingham and they were fantastic and wow Adam Lazzara well wot can i say other than: 'i'd tap that!' i love this song. favourate bit 'This is me with the words
On the tip of my tongue
And my eye on the scope
Down the barrel of a gun
I’ll never act this way again'
amazing xxx peace out! x

about it | Reviewer: sarah | 7/7/07

great song but i dont like the fact that it's about jessie, the lead singer of brand new, and brand new is an amazing band lyrically powerful

nsnsol;a | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/07

i absolllllluutleyy love this song i think it has a very good meaning to stop trying so hard fro just on gurl and i mean gurks are great but theyy just need to learn were not there world

wow | Reviewer: Kat | 5/9/07

i just heard the song today and its cool. i like the complexity and the fast-paced ending. its kinda hardcore in an ADD way.. just kidding.
peace, lovas!

Timberwolves at New Jersey | Reviewer: TBS | 4/24/07

By far my favorite song on Tell All Your Friends.

"This is you trying hard to
Make sure that you’re seen
With a girl on your arm
And your heart on your sleeve
Remind me not to ever think of you again"

Absolutley amazing.
No words for this song (:

Awesome | Reviewer: Haley | 3/15/07

The best song off of Tell All Your Friends. I love the way Adam 'raps'. "I've got the mic and you've got the mosh pit"...How much better do you get?
Peace, Haley