Bahahahaha. n00b city. | Reviewer: zahC | 5/7/10

My favorite reply:
shut up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/07

whoever said this was about jesse lacey is an idiot. this is the first song adam wrote and it's about the singer he replaced. brand new and taking back sunday should just get over it and tour together again.
-----end quote----

Thing you got right:
The song was written about the singer who Adam replaced.

Things you got wrong:
Adam didn't write it--John Nolan did.
The singer Adam replaced is someone other than Jesse Lacey--Adam Lazarra replaced Jesse Lacey as the TBS bass/backup vocals in 2001. Adam would later go on to replace Antonio Longo as the lead singer in 2002.

The song was written in response to songs Jesse Lacey wrote (some of which ended up on "Your Favorite Weapon" which released *after* "Tell All Your Friends." This would later lead to a lot of confused fans who would falsely claim that TBS wrote the songs first.

to: angry reviewer who said brand new is wayy better. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/09

mix tape is about a chick. jus sayin' "got a 20 dollar bill that says no one's ever seen you without makeup. you're always made up."
ps i like both brand new and tbs they have very different styles but equally powerful lyrics. gold

Le DUH | Reviewer: Just Another TBS Lover | 6/11/09

It's amazing, and it WAS a song argument-note the emphasis on the WAS. It's all over, Nolan's gone, so chillax and enjoy the song & the lyrics...Adam is amaaaaazin'ly creative XD...and cute. Stupid wifey.

Go read something, you ignorant fucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/09

If any of you knew anything, you'd know that John Nolan left TBS after their first album, so he's not even associated with tbs anymore, and also Nolan and Jesse have already made up and their bands (Straylight Run and Brand New) have toured together since then, so basically you all are just spouting nonsense and long-gone history. Just calm down and enjoy the song and stop arguing on which is better.

actually... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

it was actually john that 70x7 was written about... but!

tayf is one of my favourite records, i remember when this and yfw were first out, the scene felt so much nicer then than it does now, or maybe i've just got old and

my personal fav off tayf is this one.

Jesse. | Reviewer: SparkleFace | 3/20/09

They Hate Each other. Adam slept with jesses girlfriend, Thats what 70 times 7 is about. Theres no i inteam is the comback song, And This is Telling Jesse He doesnt know the full story. And Noones going to Tell him.

*growls* | Reviewer: Cassie Calamity | 3/9/09

In my oppinion, I do not think that jesse and adam really hate eachother, even though all began with john. But the point is, even though they don't like eachother and probably never will, I doubt it will go as far as hate. Taking Back Sunday and Brand New arnt in pre-school remember.

hmmm | Reviewer: Itll do | 1/31/09

if u r to ever look up tbs and brand new on youtube, u would be interested to find that jesse sings in the song seventy seven times seven after hes left tbs....
so would they tour, maybe not...
do they hate each other, maybe they did get over it...

re: shutup, anonymous | Reviewer: brand new is wayyyyy better | 1/21/09

ur an idiot, obviously this is about jesse, read lyrics of mix tape, than no i in team, then 70 times 7 then this, it all fits perfectly "Those words at best Were worse than teenage poetry" is obviosly aimed at jesse lyrics and obviously "This is you trying hard to
Make sure that you’re seen With a girl on your arm And your heart on your sleeve Remind me not to ever think of you again" the whole song is about jesse if you really read it. and obviously jesse isnt just gonna get over it and tour with them, they obviously hate each other, would u tour with hitler? idiot

it's true... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/08

This is my all-time favorite song.
I'm having trouble finding adjectives to describe it, but some of the first words that come to mind when i hear this song are: amazing, incredible, fabulous, unique...