wisdom | Reviewer: Nads | 7/2/07

the girl brittany is right.. it's better that you write a song about something you have gone through then to have a song thats catchy but with no meaning. You gotta feel for both sides of the fight.

Great song, but BN's is better | Reviewer: ann | 6/14/07

This is a great song (i love it) but I have to say, Jesse from Brand New has them beat as a lyricist. Although I like how they used part of 70X7 to make the point, its kind of sad when you realize those are the best lyrics in this song. His words are just as simple but he certainly chose them better.

Anyway...its a sad situation but we got two great songs out of it and more. I don't understand peoples criticsm of subject choice though, calling them angry emo kids or whatever. What do you think half the music in the industry is about? At least this is coming from life instead of a bland effort to reach out to the 'cheated/used' demographic like other artists.

yew | Reviewer: MONIQUE! | 6/11/07

u are a cheap bastard! write ur own lyrics and dont rip of ur ex best friends because u shagged his girlfriend grow a dick. that jessy chicks a whore to.

then dont listen:P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

Who says that you have to listen to it if you just think its melodramatic bullshit. :P No one's forcing you.

No i in team | Reviewer: Drews right | 5/23/07

Yeah drew is right on that, The lead singers of both brand new and taking back sunday were best friends until the taking back sunday started hitting on the brand new guys girlfriend, eventually sleeping with her. Apparently they got into a giant arguement and the guy from brand new couldnt drop it so he wrote seventy versus seven, so in retaliation the guy from taking back sunday wrote Theres no i in team.

Mm.. | Reviewer: Matthew Maniac | 5/21/07

I understand Brand New having the a same-piece of these lyrics, but why do Fallout Boy?
Excuse me if I'm misunderstood.. but are they [Taking Back Sunday and Fallout Boy] even friends?
And to clear things up, I really dislike FoB, 'tis all[;

bn<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

jesse lacey and admam lazarra were pissed off at each other and this is a response to the song seventy times 7 by brand new...if you notice the similar lyrics(is that what you call tact...)

stfu | Reviewer: ky | 5/12/07

isabelle, your the one sitting there reading the lyrics and all the reviews so obviosly you saw something in the song. they are both good songs, so get over it!

shut up | Reviewer: brittany | 5/7/07

at least they are writing about something that means something to them instead of writing about stupid shit they know nothing about. this is where he got his inspiration, and at least he is getting his inspiration somewhere and writing good songs so shut up.

Big Fat STUPID song. | Reviewer: Isabelle Shaboigan | 4/16/07

I think that the rivalry between these two bands is unintelligent and dimwitted. GET OVER YOUR ISSUES. Write songs that matter. Not songs about sleeping with your best friends sister. The lyrics aren't clever at all. If you have something to say to him say it to his face. Not in a song that ghastly dreaful. I would love to see them reconcile but for now i have to listen to this horrible song about stupid melodramatics.

Jfiction is wrong. | Reviewer: Kaylee | 4/16/07

John didn't even quit the band until a tour after the cd was already released. So I highly doubt they'd be touring and performing the song. Adam and John got in a fight and it's rumored that it has to do with Michelle, John's sister, but they refuse to talk about it to this day.

crazy | Reviewer: Eden | 4/5/07

i love the oldschool taking back sunday, but i gotta stick with jesse on this one. brand new kicks ass. its awesome how two bands had a war through songs

my thoughts | Reviewer: Joe | 3/10/07

I can't believe they had the audacity to incorporate actual lyrics from another bands song... hahaha that's class...

as far as i can tell this guy is totally in the wrong though, although jesse is obviously over reacting a tad... i've had friends fuck my girlfriends... you kick them in the mouth and get over it... you don't go cry into your poem book...

hey!! | Reviewer: Liza | 3/9/07

ur wrong! it wasnt between jesse and adam, it was between jesse and john nolan, who has now his own band Straylught Run after he left Taking Back Sunday

not true. | Reviewer: jfiction | 2/25/07

it wasn't a disupute between adam and jesse, it was between john nolan from straylight run.