fo' reals. | Reviewer: shizz | 2/4/08

okay, everyone who's saying adam slept with jesse's girlfriend, stfu.
john nolan who is an ex-member of taking back sunday slept with jesse's girlfriend, then after 70 x 7 was written, taking back sunday retaliated with this song.
adam never fooled around with jesse's girlfriend, but he was in a relationship with john nolan's sister michelle nolan, and then apparently when they broke up, john left and made straylight run.

70 times 7 biblical | Reviewer: | 1/9/08

70 x 7 is actually taken from a story in the Bible, mathew 18:21-22. should not apologive seven times, but 77 times. meaning jesse cant forgive him for what hes done. personally 70 x 7 is better, but both are alright

hahahaha | Reviewer: Chelsea | 12/25/07

I love how all of you are just warring over what happened.
Okay someone slept with someone else.
This is a good song :]

One of my best friends recently kind of left me
and this song reminds me of her.

all I've got to say.

but seriously, 3 pages of comments on this whole cheater/leaving the band story.

Listen to the lyrics | Reviewer: The Real Story | 11/28/07

Without giving out names I'll explain this song and 77x7......
<TBS> Slept with <BN's> girlfriend...."77x7" was created as calling out <TBS> talking about how could you do that to your bestfriend. <TBS> then wrote a song called "There's No I in Team" as a comeback to "77x7" look at the lyrics in "There's No I in Team" he isn't really apologizing as much as he is saying he isn't the only one in the wrong.....With lyrics like "you get what you deserve" and "Well I can't regret" See apparently <BN> did something to <TBS> very similar earlier in life and this is kind of like how <TBS> saying "How can you blame me for this when you yourself are guilty of the same crime?" The chorus is actually the key here

"All I did was what I had to" <TBS is putting <BN> in his shoes

"Don't believe me when I tell you <TBS' apparently saying he's not the
It's just what anyone would do" only one guilty>

Take the time to talk about it < TBS telling <BN> to review what he's
Think a lot and live without it done in life the cast blame>

There is no "I" in team the I has quotation marks as a symbol stating "it wasn't just me and i'm not the only one guilty"

The actual, real story ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/07

john nolan slept with jesse laceys girlfriend, lacey was onli in tbs for there e.p. n that happened n he left, lacey joined up with brian lane n started up brand new, afta tbs first album n tourin, nolan n shaun cooper left tbs because of creative n personal differences, nolan n cooper than started u straylight run, adam did not sleep with jesses girlfriend - it was john, thats what actualli happened

whoaa... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/07

i had no idea about any of this until i was listening to this song really loudly and realised that the lyrics were the same as brand new's song, so i looked em up and found all you guys' explanations!

. | Reviewer: catherine | 9/29/07

they must be friends again now. i saw straylight supporting brand new. although john nolan left tbs cause he was pissed off with the dude in tbs who was going out with his sister (i think)

so really they should all be angry at each other

the story. | Reviewer: Kerri. | 8/25/07

Okay, reading a lot of these, some of you have the story WAY wrong. We all know this is a response to Brand New's Seventy Times 7.
It was JOHN NOLAN, a previous member of Taking Back Sunday, now part of Straylight Run, who slept with Jesse's girlfriend. NOT Adam. Adam just sings the song.

That's the story, the real one. And this is a good song, even though Seventy Times 7 is better. =]

wrong. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/07

alright kids...
one of taking back sundays old members who is now in straylight run slept with jesse from brand new's girlfriend.
the lyrics " is that what you call tact, you're as subtle as a brick in the small of my back, so lets end this call and end this conversation" were actually said by jesse in a telephone conversation between the two.
it had nothing to do with adam, he just sings the song.

okay so wat really happened? | Reviewer: shann | 8/22/07

can someone please just write what defiantely really happened? your all really confusing me

thanks for informing me! | Reviewer: veronica | 8/5/07

I'm really glad everyone else in the world knows the story behind this song. Its funny, because when my best friend slept with my boyfriend, I listened to seventy times seven on repeat, as well as this song. But I never knew the story behind it!

WOW YOUR WRONG | Reviewer: st0rch | 8/2/07

yea the second comment is way off, jesses girlfriend slep with adam from tbs, and theres no i in team was to say sorry for it after brand new wrote seventy seven times 7 mhm

below your wrong... | Reviewer: bob | 7/24/07

jesses GF cheated on him with tbs lead singer than made "seventy times 7" in return tbs made this and than brand new made something else and than tbs made slowdance on the inside.

real story | Reviewer: John | 7/19/07

this may get confusing but try to bear with me... Adam (TBS) had a girlfriend that cheated on him with Jesse (Brand New), one of his best friends. Jesse was an ass about the whole situation and was sore about being kicked out of TBS anyways, yes he was in Taking Back Sunday. John (former TBS, Straylight Run) and Jesse are still friends to this day and tour with each other constantly. John and Adam had a fight because Adam started dating John's sister. John and the ex-drummer of TBS went and formed Straylight Run because of different music styles and continuous disagreements between John and Adam. There Is No "I" In Team is a response to Brand New's Seventy Times 7, in which Jesse is obviously pissed off at Adam for doing something stupid...

Gahh | Reviewer: The Bagel | 7/17/07

I think that both artists are amazing, but brand new def takes the cake.

And to the post on writing about stupid stuff....
Well at least they're not writing about thier air force ones and getting crunk.