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Performed by Taking Back Sunday

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Great | Reviewer: fan | 3/9/11

i love taking back sunday, and whoever likes them should write good things and the one´s who don´t shoulf just listen to another band and keep their thoughts to themselfs. In other words, they should just shut up if their not gonna say anything good.

What? | Reviewer: amber | 2/8/10

Really? Saying a band is bad on a page where people are looking for lyrics likely because they like the band? Nice.

Taking Back Sunday isn't personally known for their screaming, if you want more screaming go listen to some other band and stop complaining.

moster? wtf | Reviewer: jacob | 10/30/09

this is easily one of there best songs, obviously you musn't follw there music too much becasue they arn't attemping that stereotypical scream that is heard so much today, e.g BMTH. Its used in the emotion of the song dimmmmwhittt....

moster | Reviewer: mo | 8/6/09

wow they can't scream at all i doooont like it. some of of their other songs are good but this just killed it. this is why they have no reviews... or maybe i just cant find them. they sound good on mtv i wonder if it was edited there? :| hmmm sad.

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