Reviews for the album Tell All Your Friends

Performed by Taking Back Sunday

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they're not emo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/13

I wouldn't call this band "emo" they're a rock/punk band. you want to see emo go look up grudge bands than you'll see emo. They are equivalent of blink 182. sure some will say that blink is emo, but then i just tell you your musically confused.anyway the album is amazing, and I'd recommend it to anyone with ears... that work

Amazing album, but not reinventing anything. | Reviewer: Alex | 4/14/09

While the album may be one of the classics, it is just one of the bench marks "emo" bands measured themselves upon. And believe it or not most of these songs arent about breaking up with a girl they are about his best friend who at the time John had a falling out with, not adam. But back to the album, every single song is memorable and any scene kid from 04 (I think thats the albums release date) to now should known every word to at least half this album. Good reference to see what current bands base thier sound off. And a classic sing along album.

omg flippin' awesome!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/9/07

tbs is my life! i luuuvvv them! i cant even say how much i love them, i mean their music is just so passionate(hope i spelled that right) and w/ a hint of hot emoness, but not exactly emo, just the emo style kinda thing. doesnt matter, its the best i dont care what other ppl think, adam lazzara is beautiful, and his voice is soooo awesome and i love it and it has emotion, its not just music, its sumthin different, i think it deserves a different name!!! I love the rest of the band, 2, i just cant spell all of their names, so i'll just say they're freakin awesome too~!

Absolutely brilliant!!! | Reviewer: Adam | 9/15/04

What an album!!! i bought it recently after hearing "You're So Last Summer" and i couldn't believe what i heard. each song is as explosive and lyrically brilliant as the next. Adam Lazzara is an amazing singer and it's obvious from songs like "Cute Without The E" and "You're So Last Summer" that he puts all his effort, energy and thought into each song he writes and sings! All the songs are easy to relate to cos whether you wanna admit it or not we've all gone through hard break-ups and shit like that! Taking Back Sunday are re-inventing an emo scene that's become increasingly boring and repeated in recent years with an honesty and commitment to their fans comparable to the best of bands! 10 out of 10-go out and buy it...and tell all your friends!

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