"nice message"? | Reviewer: Love it but.. | 5/3/12

I fail to see how everybody seems to think that there is any kind of positive message in this song. Unless i'm interpreting it wrong, it's a song about his partner becoming heavily depressed after aborting his child, and in response he lies and cheats her which she takes lying down, then she leaves, comes back out of love, and he won't have her? I've seen tbs many times live, love them to bits, but this song shows how much or a pig he really is. Please someone disagree with me?

message | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

i'm confused that on a lyrics site, people are concerned about the technique and not the message they are trying to convey. this is pretty obviously an angry song and so they abandon good technique as a manner of expressing the reckless abandon that you get when you're in a fight with someone (i.e. you don't always place together your words right, you yell, etc.) look at cute without the e, miami, new american classic, slowdance on the inside and you're so last summer and tell me that adam doesn't have a good voice...

An honest opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/16/09

I like a few of Taking Back Sunday's songs but I've got to say that this is probably one of my favourites. Sure, their singing technique is basically lack of, but it's the same for most bands. I mean, look at screaming, you cannot tell me that is really a singing technique as it is used to make the voice sound distorted and usually displaying "horror" qualities. It's different from actual techniques but, come on, screaming is great! The same is for TBS. Although they do not scream (well if they do, it's not much), they do use their voices in a slightly distorted style which is what makes their unique sound great. Personally, they take it too far for me in some songs and the outcome leaves me thinking they have a "whiny" tune which I don't like. But others such as this pulls off their technique perfectly and shows the true meaning behind the song. There is certainly anger and pain behind these lyrics clear to those who are listening and I love it.

This song is amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/09

Of course they don't sound like classically trained singers. If they did, they wouldn't be Taking Back Sunday. Besides, the feeling of the song is quite angry so they're a little looser with the vocal style so as to convey an angrier feel.

Love the lyrics, love the guitar. I still can't play it though :(

SPIN!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/25/08

The song has a nice message.
Not to bash them, but TBS definately DOES NOT have anywhere near the best vocals.
they don't sound as if they never had singing training or as if they even want them.
The best thing about them is despite their lack of good vocals, they make GREAT sounding music. it has a good feeling and sound and the way the voices sound fits perfectly. The singers have a good singing style even though they arent really singing. in my opinion, there's no message, but great song.

woah | Reviewer: i dont think so | 5/25/07

its a great song but if its the best song uve ever heard i cry for you

omg i <3 this song | Reviewer: annoying kid that cant spell | 2/20/07

OMG!!!! i <333333 this song!!! its so awesome, the best song ive ever heard. if u c them in concert the song sounds really good