Keep My Grammar well rehearsed | Reviewer: bobo | 10/30/09

Love this song, is def. one of my favorites on the whole New Again album. It's so catchy and gets your blood pumping and instantly puts you in a good mood. Like almost all of Taking Back Sunday’s songs, I believe that this one is about a relationship and how he sees her as his everything, while she takes granted of him. "You're all I see. Sink into me.
Sharpen your teeth." This quote says it simple and perfect. She is everything that he sees and the sink into me is him saying I want you and all of you, to get "deeper" into her life/thoughts. Then sharpen your teeth is obviously a line talking about the damage that she's put him through. The beginning of the song when Adam rapidly spits out "C'mon tell me that you're better. And you rather just forget. That things have gone so far." is him playing his sarcastic role to her. Like she's been hurt by not showing her true feelings for him, while he's been out in the open. I love this line because it's so perfect. It can either be used as a direct hit for someone in the sarcastic way or it can be taken in a serious manner to help get over a situation in a positive way. Then he goes on with "Well I'd like to see our roles reversed. To watch you hang on every word. I'd like to see you have your way." With this line he obviously wishes that for one day she'd show her feelings, so he could be treated the way he wants her to treat him. Then adding the "To watch you hang on every word." is him saying that is how he feels and would like to feel how it feels on the other end. The last line again, I believe his Adam's witty sarcasm. Saying I like to see you have your way, when the whole time she's had her way. I could go on and on about this song. There are so many different views of it, but I think anyone can agree that it's a catchy rock tune that every ear will find it interesting. Esp. with the "HEY'S" all throughout it and then him finally slowing down and for a split second silence... then to break it he screams HEY!