Need you like a bad habit? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/09

i feel it this way. BAD HABITS are obviously something that you do or have that you wish you didn't but cant stop yourself from craving. so when he says "YOU NEED ME LIKE A BAD HABIT" he's saying (they cant control how they feel and still feel they need that person in their life. but because you left, you left them defenceless to the hard hurt of missing someone, dependent, because they are so attached they arent ready to let go, and alone because obviously the person left them... this part really hits hard to me lately

??? maybe | Reviewer: rhty | 1/30/09

i think they mean need as in when you're addicted to something, you need it. no one wants a bad habit, but sometimes you like the way it feels.

sometimes people just like self-sabotage and shit, because it's easier.

Need you like a bad habit? | Reviewer: Melissa | 10/21/07

What do you guys think they mean when they say "You need me like a bad habit,
One that leaves you defenseless, dependent, and alone."
I have a lot of ideas on what it means but, looking at it from a logical perspective, I came up with this one: Who needs a bad habit? Especially one that leaves you defenseless, dependent and alone. So is he trying to say that he really doesn't need the girl?

one-eighty by summer | Reviewer: cole | 4/16/07

Is the best song i have heard taking back sunday play live, along with liar. The intertwining voices is the toughest part about the song and they nail it live, it is amazing.

i agree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/06

this is the best song i have heard from tbs ...i have always been in love with it it is so deep !

simply great | Reviewer: Max | 7/12/05

Taking Back Sunday's "One-Eighty by Summer" is THE SONG to me, just like "Where you want to be" is THE ALBUM (at least: it's been THE ALBUM since I bought it a year ago). When I first heard "Where you want to be", I felt like "What's that?". I really loved "Tell all your friends", so I was very shocked. But I couldn't give up the new one. so I listened it over and over and over, and at once I recognized that "Where you want to be" is a real great album. Featuring "One-Eighty by summer", which is more than just great - it's phantastic. TBS haven't made one bad song (at least they didn't release one), and this one is my absolute favourite. I guess, I heard it more than 100 times and I still love it.

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