Wow | Reviewer: Nora | 1/16/08

I just recently started listening to Taking Back Sunday, and I have to say that this is one of their best songs. First time I heard it, I had downloaded it onto my iPod along with other Taking Back Sunday songs, and just skipped songs I thought sounded boring at the beginning. It's slow at the beginning, but I didn't skip it for some reason...I listened to it once, and the emotion came to me immediately. Definately a favorite; probably my absolute favorite song...

OMG | Reviewer: Joe | 12/30/07

that's the best song i've heard live. I mean the emotion in it gets me so much i don't even know why. I means a lot to me. First time i saw taking back sunday in show it was great but when they it the first notes of ghost man on third i went crazy as shit. me and my friend wanted to cry. i don't even know why. It's like amazing how this song makes me feel. It's sad but powerful and revealing. i love it :)

I love it<3 | Reviewer: Savanna | 11/18/07

The lyrics are so powerful and the sound is amazing. This is by far one of the best Tacking Back Sunday songs ever.

Emotionally Amazing!! | Reviewer: Josh | 10/27/07

Yeah the first time I listened to this song I too was just like "ehh, it's ok" but after a couple listens it just hit me how beautiful and great this song was, the emotion in the lyrics!!!!

Amazing song | Reviewer: Archielito | 9/9/07

Yea, the first time I listened to this song I just thought it was alright, but now its one of my favorite songs. You have to pay attention to the great emotion that the singers give and the lyrics.

About the song Ghost Man On Third performed by Taking Back Sunday | Reviewer: Lauren | 6/8/07

i dont really know why but the emotion in this song just pops out at you it's one of my favorite songs just you hear him singing and its like oh get swamped with this emotion of despair and..and just wow i absolutley love them they are my favorite and this why they sing like they mean it.

absolute favorite | Reviewer: jess | 5/14/07

this song...didnt mean anything to me until i saw taking back sunday perform it...

i was there with my love and it just made sense. we were the only ones in the crowd dancing. actually dancing. haha i will always associate this song with that time in my life. good times. it was brilliant. the best. i love ghost man on third.

The Absolute Best! | Reviewer: Brandon | 4/5/05

This is the absolute best TBS song EVER! The first time I heard it I kind-of shrugged it off and didn't think much about it, but the second time it hit me like a brick in the small of my back .. hahaha .. n-e-ways, THIS IS A GREAT SONG! A MUST LISTEN AND IF YOU DO NOT CARE FOR IT AT FIRST JUST LISTEN TO THE WORDS AND EMOTION! If's AWESOME!