YOU GUYS ROCK! | Reviewer: Brooke | 2/12/07

this song is the most hotties song i have ever herd i love this song u guys are awsome

^^ | Reviewer: Ame < 3 | 10/5/06

Awww ^^ I love this band, they try their best at everything they do and it's paid off, keep rocking boys <3

Juppys reveiw | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/06

taking back sunday are the sickest, and this is one of there best songs, it isnt only a great song to listen to, it is also a great song to play.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Beth | 12/15/05

THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! "and will you tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head? This song is only wishfull thinking, this song is only wishfull thinking!"
i love TBS!

OMG THIS SONG ROX! | Reviewer: Ellie Mack | 11/17/05

TAKING BACK SUNDAY R THE BEST! this is my fave song by them! its like my fave song of all time! I also like Green Day, My Chemical Romance and sum 41 so if ya feel like chattin' just add me 2 your msn or send me an e-mail!