youre all wrong! | Reviewer: urdumb | 6/9/11

This song is about John Nolan (lead singer of TBS at the time) and Jesse Lacey (lead singer of Brand New)...they grew up best friends, Jesse was in the original lineup of Taking Back Sunday, but he was kicked out after sleeping with John's girl...its a response to Brand New's song "Shower Scene" They had a feud for years look it up!

Us. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/10

I feel I can directly realte to this song..

There's a boy that I've known for about three years now and this reminds me of us. We've talked about how deep our feelings are, but we have never truly had a relationship, and we are constantly pissing each other off and getting fed up with each other. We see other ppl but we always come back to each other. So this is our song.

I think its and amazing song && an amazing band. :]

lurve this song | Reviewer: broobi | 9/22/09

okay... this song is about a struggling relationship obviously. He wants to let her go but finds himself in love with her for some reason. they fight a lot ( how could you say those things, and i cant keep my hands to myself).. and he knows its all wrong, he wants to hate her, to forget about her.. he never even planned on falling in love with her ( i didnt want it to mean that much to me ) but now he's stuck. i love this song. its crazy how much this song relates to me and my ex.

no way | Reviewer: paul McBride | 9/6/09

this song is not about someone he's dating, it's either a random hook up that means something to him, such as a good friend that he didn't mean to happen or perhaps an ex that he gave into again. regardless a sick song.

Ummm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/09

um that's the gayest thing i ever heard. the song is amazing just the way it is. he's talking about a girl he's obviously dating...when he says he's gonna dim the lights down low so she knows he means business he's talking about how they're going to f*ck....and he wants to hate her so bad because he's in love with her and she has a hold over him. jesus...don't re-write the song and ruin it...loser.

Change? | Reviewer: emo anonymous | 4/18/09

i love this song, mostly for two lines in it though.
"I want to hate you so bad, but i can't stop this"
but then the rest of the song is kind of different. for instance i dont like the beginning where he says something about dimming the lights so she knows he means business. i think thats kind of stupid. one day, i want to re-do this song for them if they dont do it befoer me. i just really like the message of "I want to hate you so bad, but i cant" because thats a true message we all(atleast i think all people) feel at some point. 99% of the time its about a girl, coming from a heterosexual males standpoint. mostly from a girl who's rejected me, or i know ill never get, i just feel like i want to hate them... but i cant because the curse girls cast over guys. its a real emotional struggle and can drive people crazy. i know it really gets to me sometimes. feedback can be sent to