Wooooooooooo!!!! | Reviewer: kristen | 2/20/09

Taking Back Sunday KICK ASS! i love them :D...and yeah the song is called great romances of the 20th century....did anyone else buy the album notes from the past just to get 'the ballad of sal villanueva' and 'your own disaster 04'...??

meh | Reviewer: becky | 2/1/08

its called great romances of the 20th century. look at the name on the album and then listen to the song. It has the spoken bit in it. There might be 2 versions i'm not sure. I just know the one with the spoken bit in is called great romances of the 20th century.

gr8 song | Reviewer: maddie | 5/12/07

i first heard this song and i loved it this song is gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8888888888888888 mate

5 stars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/07

yeah there is two versions of the song. And the one with talking which we are calling BEAUTIFUL GIRl, Is my FAVE<3

TBS | Reviewer: alicia | 4/15/07

Yeah, it really is called Beautiful Girl, Great Romances Of The 20th Century is a little...longer, without the spoken part. This is an amazing song, one of my favorites. :) <3

Taking Back Sundayy | Reviewer: Melissa | 3/29/07

Okay you people are stupid. This one is Beautiful Girl and Great Romances of the 20th century is the one without the spoken part. :]

Humph. | Reviewer: Tamiiiiiiiii | 3/4/07

This is my favorite song ever,
But it's called 'Great Romances of the 20th Century';
Not 'Beautiful Girl'.

wow | Reviewer: coral | 2/27/07

omg i love this song? talk about the BEST my guy friend sang it to me! omg and it means so much :) rowk on! !!!

The title!! | Reviewer: Hollerballer | 2/16/07

It's actually called Great Romances Of The 20th Century... nto Beautiful Girl

awsome song | Reviewer: roxy | 9/14/06

i love taking back sunday!!!!they are the greatest band around. I love this song so much it's one of my favorites!!!!!Taking back sunday rox my sox!!!