"We Love You T-Pain" | Reviewer: Lisa S. | 12/29/07

No! My son and I are your BIGGEST fan. We love u so much. My son name is Timothy but I call him T-Pain that's how much we admire u. #1fans*N. CAROLINA in da House* lisalisa

t pain is a pimp | Reviewer: christian | 12/12/07

T pain I heard all you songs but lowwww it was of the hook and you are my wolds favorite rap.

this is your homie I got your back gangster

ma bro t-pain yo bitch were's my money | Reviewer: curtis | 12/5/07

i bought yo new c.d why did u make bar tender w/akon did u buy her a dink and buy her i mean akon did u buy her a fucking drink what is it pussy hala.send me a free cd

I love you | Reviewer: kelly | 11/29/07

I listen to your music everyday i want you to know i tell my parents everyday i want to marry t-pain. What i want to do most before I die is meet you. my fave song is lowww.You have the looks and voice that i luv.I want you to know i want to sing and be a dancer. I wish i could dance for you.

I Love T-Pain | Reviewer: ababi | 11/21/07

i gotta say dat i love T-Pain so much i juss think dat his voice iz sooo SEXII!N' Natty you ain't dat only one dat love T-pain i'mm his numba 1 Fan so Bitch Bac for !!!!

I LOVE YOU T-PAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

florida chick | Reviewer: lil chelle | 11/21/07

dear tpain baby i love u so much and i have all ur cd's and i really want to meet u every tyme u come to tallahassee i get so excited but i really want to meet u and jus say hi if i could have a one on one convo.. it would jus complete my life and i want you to kno dat

I love u t-pain | Reviewer: nicole | 11/11/07

hey t-pain, i am ur number one fan always remember that and i love u soooooooooooo much i think u that a voice to die for and i think that u have a great personality and i do think that u r unique b/c u can seriously sing R&B. I can do anything for u even die to meet u... i love u i love u i love u

ur lover nicole

You BLEW MY MIND | Reviewer: Teonna | 11/8/07

T-Pain, u just don't now wat a fine azz brotha you are. I dont care wat nobody say, im still yo numba 1 fan and will alwayz b dat,

Love Ya.
4- eva and always,

a bay bay t-pain | Reviewer: qunita#1 | 10/25/07

can i be ur friend u sing mad good let me buy u a drink and u can shake me lik a shandaler abaybay

My man... | Reviewer: Abdul-Wahab | 10/23/07

T-pain you are the best of all, i love your voice so much...i really do hope and wish to meet you in real life someday and have a hand shake with you...i love you T-pain