u the man | Reviewer: lil daug | 8/19/07

look man im 1 ov ure biggest fans... but im tryin 2 finish up ma demo and it will be on ure door step soon.i have an ethiopian aunt who worked 4 ure parents diner back in the dayz...
but im jus showin some love..
u the best man

I was just wondering | Reviewer: Rose | 8/16/07

Alot of people here in milwaukee is saying that your song on cd, about having HIV is true...i dont like to believe rumors. I was just wondering is that true or were u just singing about real life events that happen everyday to people?

try again | Reviewer: hell no | 8/9/07

you artists these days have no substance....i cannot believe all of these idiots on here worshiping someone who sings about strippers and drinking and all that stupid crap...don't take it personal honey, you have talent we all do... but use your notariety to sing about something that is good. personally i think all of you are making millions for nothing and these idiots are uying your albums....people get a life please....and that other guy on that song "shorty" all you stupid women are screaming while while you are being called hoes and being degredated..people grow up and see what is going on...because it seems that i am on of few people who think this is bullshit...

with love

you suck

a shout out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

man you the best. im tryin to make an album right now. im goin theough stuff but i took your advice from one of your interviews. you said do it yourself.

I LOVE U T-PAIN! | Reviewer: T-Painz chik | 8/2/07

Hey, T-Pain! You are so sexy and fine! I love you! I would do anything just to meet you! You're the finest man in the world! I love everything about you! I know a lot of people hate on you, but they're just jealous because they ain't as sexy as you. You're fine in every way. I love your dreads and your voice especially! You are so cute! Yea!

Please i would love feedback T pain if you see this comment | Reviewer: Sweet Stuff | 7/27/07

I am from The Caribbean! (Anguilla a little island that u probably haven't hear about and i would love to get feedack from T pain himself PLEASE) I Love You Tallahassee You me give joy in simply just hearing u sing.You make my day.Thank God For You T.

Nuff Respect,Bigg ups Keep doing ya thing!!!

My #1 | Reviewer: PIGG | 7/27/07

Hey wuzzup,TEDDY PENDERASS DOWN! I jus want u to know dat you are the best rapper ternt singer dat I have ever heard. R.Kelly ain't even got nothing on you. I heard dat "Same Girl" remix and it's like he tryna take ur voice....neva. I mean I know you don't look down on anyone but I see no one above you!!:) Keep doin wat chu doin. Holla.

splendid | Reviewer: ibk | 7/25/07

splendid indeed! dont know how to describe this guy. Anytime i listen to the song "buy you a drink" i go crazy. i m simply in love with the song dont get me wrong, not the guy. hope everyone shares the same feeling with me cuz if you arent take it as you are missing out. i can assure you.

I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: nia | 7/20/07

man t-pain its just something about you that i absolutly adore i love the fact that you can take the goofiest song and make it a hit for example "buy you a drink" i thought that was so dumb to make a song like that but once i really took the time to listen to it i LOVED IT!!!!! as much as i loved you!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo your biggest fan nia

Yo Sign | Reviewer: koolbreez3 | 7/4/07

T-Pain, I am wondering if you are indeed a member of the illustrious most suave fraternity in the world. I am talking about the brothers of that Krimson and Kream. I just would like to knoe if you are a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc., or is the Yo sign that you are using part of the group the Nappy Headz? I saw access granted and in Plies video where you are utilizing the sign and I just wanted to know. Enuff respect to you, and continue your success. Your friend and hopeful freaternity brother Corry, AKA Koolbreez #3. Yo! Yo!