im ur biggest fan nd i love u | Reviewer: nicole f | 9/13/08

hey t-pain
i love ur music nd i love u, i have ur cd's nd every song that isn't on ur cd's, i cnt wait 4 3ring circus 2 cum out... ur music is the GREATEST!
plz cum on tour in south africa, every1 of ur fans wud really appreciate it
i hope u read this
mwah nicole

Forget dese hataz im ur motivater | Reviewer: KeY BbY | 9/4/08

Well let me start by sayin that i don't think i'm your #1 fan cause there are plenty of psyco ppl out there who got your name all over the place.but lets keep it real i mean you got mad skills man you needa keep doin ur thang evrytime i hear one of your songs or sumbody else hear it they come get me and we just chill out and listen like the other day my sis came and got me cuz you wuz on the radio with ciara(her fav. singer). i mean i can't ignore your work. Ppl say you have a messed up attitude but ppl say that bowt me dnt let it shake your swag dude brush them off and keep it rollin cuz in the end you da one with the bank role...but point blank let me get dwn to the business i just wanted to let you know that im feelin yo swag nd keep ya head up. bump these hataz dey good for you.they just let you know that your doing something right.So keep up da good work!
P.S. my favorite song is right hand cause it really relates to me.and listen up ima be on the radio one! i got a voice but when the right person hear it ima be up there n ima have fans writin me comments like this lol.
-da one and motivater...Kiana aka Key BbY aka Kiana pooh...the lovely miss...get like me but you cant be like me.

special thanks | Reviewer: loui louis | 8/22/08

hey mad scientist;am yo numba one fan down in africa(uganda).thanx 4 the hardwork n good music man we lv u down in uganda,u rock.hope you could stage a concert down these ends coz we cant wait man.dat stunt u pulled at the 2008 BET AWARDS was off da hook nigga.we love numba one fan down in africa?piece

The only one | Reviewer: Caddy | 5/30/08

Im the only girl on my reserve that loves yuor music because it helps me get through the day with out killing myself and who cares if your not nice all celerties arnt gonna be.....But i just care about the music keep hittin up tracks ight den

U R My Teddy Pain I dont care what them other people say u r mine | Reviewer: Keshia Vega | 3/9/08

I love u SO much I play ur cd all the time and my mom is getting sick of it but I dont care.I saw u at The Jingle Jam concert in Hartford and u did your thang up there! i WISH I could meet you I have pocs of u all over my door and I write your name everywhere! I gatta go.
Write 2 u later Feheem Najm
From ur number 1 fan

you are a real snob | Reviewer: babyboo | 2/17/08

u know why i describe you as the snobish type bcos the last time you came to Nigeria , i was one of the girls that welcome you at the airport but u re not friendly,u re not been nice, you were my lovliest and greatest fan until that day i was disapointed.if this is the real you then you fucked up cos you shouldnt av come in the first place.Akon was nt like you,jayz,usher etc.

I love u | Reviewer: Latate | 1/31/08

Tpain I love your songs and u i wish i could meet u one day that will be great i like your hair i want to pull it one day make that money i look up to u love tate

Im yo gurl! | Reviewer: Dana | 1/23/08

Baby u are my one and onli! I got a jacket made dats got u on it and my room is full of you and spongebob! I love u So much!!!!!!! all i do is thank of u! I love u sooo much and please email me back!!

hi tpain | Reviewer: gabby | 1/25/08

i rilly like your music my fav is bartender my best friend likes you and we think you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoootttttttttttttttt
lol my dream is to me u and t pain best friend would like me to ask u
do u have a girl friend

thanx gabby

im your biggest fan | Reviewer: michael | 1/6/08

t-pain i love all ur music.....i luv the song robbery.....thats the best ray songs even.....t-pain ur the worlds best singer in the dream is to meet u........i wish u read this....and i got all ur cds....and i luv all all ur music like tips like ur new albiums and ur old one too......