T-Pain's HOT!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/07

I think he is very talented.
I'll listen to him anyday anytime.
He's my No.1.

Holla "Tallahassee Pain," | Reviewer: Paul | 6/28/07

I just wanna say hi to ya wats happening?

Keep doin ur thang.

Big ups!!!

T Pain is soooo underated | Reviewer: Gloria | 6/20/07

he admits that eople think he's ugly but fuck it. i like him. that's my type of dude! and oOo i wish he could sing that song "69" to me live. :)

you are the boom | Reviewer: bj | 6/12/07

hey there.i love your music its so good and i never get fed up of listening to it.especially buy you a drink and bar tender.i would like to urge you to keep up with the good work.
from your number one fun

hello...... | Reviewer: jennifer | 6/5/07

hey t-pain well u rae the koolest singer i ever heard or seen cu i havent mmeet you well if i could i would well love you lot...

Wats up | Reviewer: TaMarria | 6/3/07

i love ur music i love some of ur old songs like "say it n high n all em " i wish one day i could meet u one day maybe u will see me on tv u never know i luv music and can sing me n my lil sis
luv always
Baby T Aka Lil Red

whats goodie pimp!!! | Reviewer: Adam | 6/1/07

ur whats up..every girl in Cleveland wants u bro...I just wanted to say keep doin your thing..keep droppin that hot ish for us...

Bartender i love that song | Reviewer: ms.sexappeal | 6/2/07

I would like to chill with t-pain. i love his new song with akon bartender

what you know about t- pain | Reviewer: sherrell mays | 5/30/07

whats up T-Pain i know u are working hard for what you want so keep up the good work. and another thin about it u have a nice voice and my hole family like all of your songs that u sing.

hey shawty | Reviewer: keeley | 5/29/07

hi t-pain i think ya soooooo fine i luv ya music xxx fav is im sprung!!!