keep them coming | Reviewer: dayuumgirl | 4/6/09

Heyss, sup ya'll. Jst poppin in to show sum love mofo's. Keep it up with da music its lookin guud. imma always listen to it, yuh gotta lot of fans out der & im one of them. Keep up de gud work.//
takecare & stay cool !

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Dangerous Evil Angel | Reviewer: Sasha | 2/13/09

hey wasup Faheem,i am one of your biggest fans i LOVE all your musi and everytime your songs are on the radio i cant stop smiling bcuz your that great and i have all three of your cds and pics of you on my myspace i want to meet you so much and i get nervous everytime my sisters say your name i just love you and want tyo know everything about you and wish we could hang out one sister says that we have the same personality...being goofy..i do the stuff you do but only not knowing it untill i see it for myself...i hope you read this and can get bacc at me....peace out

t-pain n lil wayne runnin this shit | Reviewer: mz.Qu!Sh@ | 2/4/09

well let me start off by saing i love u and i would like to meet you and have a sister brother relationship with you .. and im not gonna say im your biggest fan cuz there are people out here who truely love you but i am a big fan of yours keep your head up n keep making these people hate cuz that let u kno you out here on ya grind ya feel meh?

i lov yo | Reviewer: p . c black | 1/21/09

i like you and you work especially when you put hip pop in r&b is really good.

i sing and rap presently i working with a friend as a group his T virus very soonthe world i will here from us.

i beg for your help .

what up | Reviewer: marilu | 1/2/09

hi t-pain im just sayin hi you need to come down to virgin islands st.thomas in addelita cancryn junior high school to sing i love your songs and how you dance i love to dance i dance at my sisters friends 16 birthday party i am 13 years old makin 14 on april 15 for a 13 year old i can dance

swagger jagger | Reviewer: Samantha | 11/15/08

Whut it dew T-Pain? u got the best swagger jagger out there. I really enjoyed u this week on 106 & Park. u have a really good sense of humor. n-e-wayz ur cd is soooo hot! keep dem tracks coming. 1luv peace & I'm out!

ur BIGGEST FAN IN DA HOLE ENTIRE WORLD nobody luvs u more than i do!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: EVY | 10/12/08

i love your music ur da best musician of all time i have all your cds all your songs are on my phone i have 1 wish and thats to meet you so day and have you sing 'show u how' i love dat sond so much i love u to!!!!

Hello Tpain | Reviewer: Abama Biggest Boy | 10/12/08

Hi, Whats up with u nigga, I wonder what an RnB singer like you will be doing with such dreads like one of Nigerian local art called Timaya, You would have a nicer look if you learn to wear a low cut in ya face, Please go and get pictures of chris brown, R.kelly, Usher, Ne yo, Please, I believe you dont wanna immitate Wyclef, Even sean paul, Shaggy, wayne wonder look like Rnb art more than yourself, Your music is cool, i love Buy you a drink, But try and think about what i told you, Abama