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Performed by T-Pain

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-Mrs.Brown | Reviewer: Chris Browns Wifey | 5/11/07

this song iz sooo crazy man i love it is off the charts nd all these girls thinkin off my hubby yall need to stup

awesome | Reviewer: brenda | 5/1/07

this song is probably the best song in the t-pain history it's pretty dang good.. it gets me dancin

bu y you a drink | Reviewer: stephanie | 4/30/07

im in love wit this song yo if i hear it before the day start like in the morning i no for sure the day is going to start out good.

raw | Reviewer: jessica b | 5/2/07

its a cool song i love it i might even dance it in my 15

sweet | Reviewer: bry | 4/23/07

i really like that song... i think that song is the best that u have sung..
love bry

love it! | Reviewer: lakeisha | 4/24/07

this song is completely amazing,
it has a slow-ish beat but it flows nicely.
the lyrics are good too =]

Buy You A Drink | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

talk to me, i talk back
lets talk money, i'll top that
crunk juice bottles, oakley shades
shawty got class, oh behave
lets get gone, walk it out (now walk it out)
just like that thats what im talkin 'bout
we gon' have fun you gon' see
on that patrone you should get like me

yung joc | Reviewer: myra | 3/8/07

passion for tha sex all in tha atmosphere

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