T.I keeps it real at all times | Reviewer: Corsulon | 5/29/10

Ilove this website. In T.I. New video "I'm Back" is doing well for a new release. Can anyone tell me who he may be talking about? I've read the lyrics and listened to them. It sounds like he says somebody's name "Elliott". Keep it up TI we missed you and I'm personally glad "He's Back"

Reply to tee | Reviewer: Gzus | 12/16/08

You're wrong. He's talking to Lil' Flip. Rick Ross is not from Cloverland (which is in Houston, Ross is from Miami.) He even mentions other HOUSTON based rappers; such as Scarface, Bun, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, etc. - there are a few more as well. There are a lot of things that reference Flip in this song and NOTHING that references Rick Ross, so I don't know where you got that idea.

he is talkin to... | Reviewer: tee | 9/13/07

T.I. is talkin to rick ross but most ppl thought that he was talkin to lil flip and even ludacris
and T.I. is the best!!!

now i'm talkin to you | Reviewer: joe the prince of the south | 4/27/07

man i love this website and this song but i just got one question.......who is tip really talkin to? n e wayz mzke sure ery body that's reading this go n cop tip's new cd comin out in july called "T.I.vs.TIP".