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I am the biggest tatu fan in the whole world!! xx | Reviewer: Sophie Urwin | 6/9/09

Tatu r so cool! I love you so much! I listen 2 songs all the time, sometimes i even sing and to ur songs and u both have great voices. u r both sooooooooo sexy and u both make a good couple. carry on singing also i have all of ur songs,singles and albums, ur the best girl group in the whole world! I have posters and pictures of u both on my phone, in my room and on my documents. on my phone i have 2 songs belonging 2 both they r all the things she said and not gonna get us, love yas and there is nothing wrong wiv going 4 the same sex i do the same th thing. xx

<3 | Reviewer: Sera | 2/21/09

t.A.T.u is possibly one of the best groups I've heard. It doesn't have any of that junk that's in the top 40 these days about having a sexual relationship with every girl that walks down the opposite street to you.
The biography's pretty interesting.

Loan Payday | Reviewer: Devin | 2/13/09

Hi everyone. All that is human must retrograde if it does not advance.
I am from Ireland and , too, and now am writing in English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "A description of problems commonly seen in undergraduate and recent graduate resumes and how to fix them."

Waiting for a reply :P, Devin.

Cool beans | Reviewer: Alisha | 8/2/08

Well, I'm straight - maybe slightly bicurious but that's it. I really love TATU though, their music is awesome and their attitude is so amazing, they really rep us teens and every emotion bottled up in us all, whether gay, bi, straight, lez, whatever: doesn't matter - TATU just rocks=P

lalala [: | Reviewer: xSkittleZx | 7/20/08

i love your music and you are an inspiration to people everywhere. i love how your style is like "I don't give a damn what you say about me" i love that. i am bisexual, but mostly gay, i can't really stand men to yeah. i prefer girls.

my mom doesn't want to accept that, but oh well.

i was recently in love with a boy until he broke my heart. =~= thus why i am mostly lesbian.

anyways, awesome work, keep it up and i'd like to hear new stuff from you two! <33 xSkittleZx

u guyz rox | Reviewer: paige blucher | 7/1/08

hey watz up u guyz rox this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now im in a sintuation with sexuallity i love this ckick gemma and this guy loves me too. this chick is my best friend im to scared to ask her incase she tells every one then they will tease me guyz just remmember u brought me all this braveness thankz

t.A.T.u. | Reviewer: Keira Pakusu | 7/5/08

This band has given me so much inspiriation. Before t.A.T.u. I knew I was a bisexual, but the music helped me to come to terms with that. Even before I was a fan I had heard All the Things She Said several years ago and loved that song alone. I had never even heard any other t.A.T.u. songs, and I was already in love with their music. Now I have almost all their music.

By the way, it's not "Tattoo". It's t.A.T.u., which is an abbreviation for something in Russian that I can't remember. It only sounds like "tattoo".

taty | Reviewer: lovers of tatu g+p | 7/4/08

yes she said yes hooray now we are underage lezos.Weve had sex so many times its awesome we love eachother and always will be lezos .our fav song is all the things she said and not gonna get us its awesome were both writing this and horray on your relationship luv ya xxoo

u guys rock | Reviewer: paige blucher | 6/30/08

ohhhhhh my god u guys rock this world now listen im in a sintuation with sexualaty i dont no who to choose theirs this guy that really likes me and i really luv this chick gemma and i think she likes me too im to afraid to ask her to be a lesbian with me incase she teases me will she or not and if she tells all her popular friends they wont like me and then she wont like me im gonna be brave and ask her hope u get this letter and remember u guys are the ones that are giving me this braveness thanks xxxxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooooooooo

gemma taylor | Reviewer: gemma taylor | 6/26/08

oh my you rock.I luv ya so much ill never stop either.Anyway ive been in a relation with a chickonce her name was paige shes on the website im hoping she will go out with me i luv her.GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODLUCK

gemma | Reviewer: gemma taylor | 6/26/08

oh my you both rock im a huge fan and never will let go of that i care and respect that you luv eachother good on ya.Ive been in a relationship once or twice her name was paige she is actually on the list im hopng she will go back out with me cause i luv her.Goodluck xxoo

gem rox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: gemma taylor | 6/26/08

hey watz up? u guys rox this world now listen iv been in a relationship with this chick named paige blucher but we broke up i still luv her though and i think she luvs me too im gonna ask her back out but im scared shes gonna tease me. any way u guyz rox this wold talk later xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

gem | Reviewer: gemma taylor | 6/26/08

oh my you guys rock this band is the best absoloutly.My naames gemma ive been in a rerelation ship with a chick once or twice im hoping she will go out with me again.i never want to stop listning to no that girl paigey thats the one i went out witrh out it


t.a.t.u rokz | Reviewer: gemma taylor | 6/25/08

hi my name is gemma i apsalotly luv t.a.t.u i have been in a relationship with a chick her name is paigey i luv her i wanna
go out with her again u guys r the best thanks luv ya xxxxxxxxxx ooooooooooooo

paigey | Reviewer: Paige | 6/24/08

Oh my gosh yous to our the best mostly you yulia. You are both awesome singers and of coarse my favourite. You both our quiet brave to stand up for what you bealive in im hapy you both love eachother.From listing to your cds and videos iM BI AND IM GLAD I DON'T GIVE A DAMN..what people say.And i have a friend who is allso bi we both have sexual attentions over eachother and im proud about it. if you would like to contact me heres my email

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