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tatu | Reviewer: Jazmin | 4/23/07

TATU RULZ!~ i love tatu sooo much they are not scard to show and portray there feelings. they have lots of character and unlike most artists they make sure all there character is put into there music. tatu are an inspiration personally to me and i love you julia.

tatu is cool ther songs, but on the inside uehhh | Reviewer: AnimeDan | 4/4/07

i love there songs, i love singing them, im a boy, but umm ive HAVE notest about ther lyrics and umm, it Does gross me out, :P

but i just sometimes change the lyrics around a little to be more "stright friendly" hehe

but other then that, ya there great. also shows how much life is bad for them and they are letting all that out.

tATu | Reviewer: Dani | 4/2/07

tATu is a wonderful band! I <3 their music a lot! Especially when it's done in their natural tongue, it gives it more uniqueness and more meaning!

tatu | Reviewer: ana | 2/17/07

I, im portuguese and i love tatu... tatu is the best!!!!****

t.A.T.u | Reviewer: Meshkat | 2/23/07

I love t.A.T.u because i think they vary from the others.i can feel their feelings and i know they can do many things out of i wish joy and love for both of them .Yulia and lena i really love u and your special songs but i don't know how to show my fellings...

t.A.T.u. is the best | Reviewer: yalyubovS | 2/10/07

the lyrics are great in russian and english i love the songs

T.A.T.U | Reviewer: Aloush | 2/3/07

t.a.T.u rox!i just luv them , there lyrics music voice sunjects , and i also like how strong are they to fight for beinf together and there musci i really entertainig !luv ya tatu!mpwa

kate | Reviewer: kate | 2/1/06

I persnly like tatu and thing they are both very gifted singers. I dont mind that they are attracked to each other and i think they will get far with there music. I have all of there albums and love them all.

tATu rocks! | Reviewer: Sam | 10/13/05

Those two girls are brilliant, I absolutely love their music. And so does my grandma! -laughs- (She's Ukranian)

But yeah, I have all their albums so far and can't wait till the next one comes out!

All the things she said... | Reviewer: Rhea | 7/28/05

One of the most amazing bands ever; great lyrics; great music; great videos. Julia is sooo beautiful. I am pleased to say that I have hair like hers! Anyway, Tatu rocks! And if anyone is disgusted by the fact that their lyrics reveal the fact that they are attracted to each other should be ashamed of themselves. Where are you? 1945?

We love the girls! | Reviewer: marius | 5/6/05

t.A.T.u. rocks!It turns out yes,they are a manufactured pop outfit;But they've got so much else going for them.Not only did they bring the whole lebian thing onto the scene(for guys),they game them a voice(lesbians),They promote unity,Clearly relate to teenagers better than many others can,and just put out damn good music.They're just a spectacular band,and i love em!

200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane | Reviewer: Zoya | 10/7/04

I was very excited upon my purchase of the English Language CD "200 KM/H In The Wronng Lane" and am pleased to this day with it.
The remake of the 80's hit "How Soon is Now?", originally by the Smiths was superbly done. Although it wasn't necesarily translated directly, overall the CD was wonderful and I highly recommend it.

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