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Performed by T.A.T.U. (TATU)

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The Veronicas | Reviewer: Taty | 1/5/2008

I've been a t.A.T.u. fan for years and i just found out acouple of minutes ago that this song was actually written by The Veronicas. Props to both groups, the lyrics are amazing and Lena + Yulia of course have beautiful voices! You all should check out the demo version that The Veronicas have, it's up on youtube.

DMD | Reviewer: maddie | 7/7/2007

it'z an awesoem song go to and type there it's all about dhoom machaao dhoom and then it will look more awesoem

Hello | Reviewer: Samara | 6/16/2007

I'm spanish, but I have russian name!hahaha Tatu is a good group, please never change! Yulia you are the best! lena is good too. I want tatu again, please make a new cd please!

great song | Reviewer: preezo wazir preye | 4/15/2007

what a lovely song. i luv it. i watch it on you tube all the time. am a big fun of t.a.t.u. i luv it.

Cool! | Reviewer: Gonzalezzz | 6/7/2006

They rock again!

And I love their new image.
What a pretty girls!

Keep up the good work!

i love this song! | Reviewer: musicninjachick | 2/20/2006

as soon as this song came out it was stuck in my head with its excellent catchy tune. i love the lyrics too and the way they are sung.

nice to see them back | Reviewer: ola | 11/23/2005

it's very very good! this is what you call girls power not spice girls. This is strong this is sensitive...I love it

awsome! | Reviewer: caroline | 9/10/2005

this song is amazing!! tatu just keeps coming out with the greatest song ever! i cant get enough of it!

Brill | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/2005

This is a brill song, good to see the girls have came through the other side of the problems they have had to continue producing cracking sings

Luvin It | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/2005

It's great, I love it.. it's one of those songs that I like straight away.. And that doens't happen much.

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