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Performed by System of a Down

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In my opinion... | Reviewer: Charlie | 11/21/11

I'd say this song is about the death marches that happened during the Armenian genocide.. All members of SOAD are of Armenian decent and in the early 1900's hundreds of thousands of Armenians were forced on death marches through Syria in the desert, deprived of food and water until they collapsed and died.

"Melt in the sand" is pretty self-explanatory. I really like "Hide in the sky." If you imagine walking with hundreds of thousands of people through a desert, those far ahead of you would be walking into the mirage and would appear to be walking into the sky.

That's how I broke the song down anyway.

Unexpected | Reviewer: AE | 10/2/10

I believe this song is about everyone who isn't a sheep. Melt in the sun? Join the cause? Help fight for a more individualistic and moral world. But hide in the sky is a metaphor for idealistic people falling into the trap of believing they are better than the less conscious. The conscious fight and tear apart the "sheeple", and end up becoming them for their blind hatred of people who aren't "as smart" as they are. I think the song is a warning against that. And a message that if you notice it, you can change it and become truly conscious.

SOAD is amazing.

Twisted Words | Reviewer: Sun | 7/31/10

ok, honestly, I don't even find justification to explain the message, its clear no one has the intent to 'review' the song properly, listen to it again.. and again.. and again.. and again..

and you still won't understand.
way to go Soad, mad props. Whoop Whoop.

bandwagon idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/10

People who whine about "sheeple" and people "believing everything they're told" are just as pathetic and mindless as those they whine about.

This song (and it's a good song, mind you) mocks you bandwagoning pseudo-socialist idiots as much as it mocks the right wing media whores you love to yell about so much. You're both the same kind of morons, just thinking they believe different things.

sheeple millitary people | Reviewer: jon | 5/23/10

there is a very apparent attack on military personel by soad, this being one of them. im not against soad, what they say is true. the line "itll show your mind, that you have a mind" is saying that the lower enlisted dont have minds, which is kinda true, they do as they are told with out asking. makes me ponder if i wanna be part of that system in any means

Sheeple | Reviewer: BJ | 2/25/10

Sounds like this song is about the Sheeple of America who'll believe everything told to them by the media and/or governement. In their minds 'being american' means buying all the BS they're told... in thier minds if you don't fall for the crap they do then your not a 'true american'.

Found this | Reviewer: BJ | 2/25/10

Not my thoughts but I think they are accurate with this song

"It's about Bush saying go to war. "Melt in the sun, Melt in the sun." Means go in to Iraq and fight in the hot and sweaty desert or battlefield. "Hide in the Sky" Is Bush in Air Force One when the 9/11 attacks happened. "Come join the Cause." Come fight the war. The rest of the lyrics are pretty apparent if you listen."

kickass | Reviewer: jeremy | 12/16/07

this song, as well as alll other soad songs, has that vibe that makes you want to both jump and mosh as well as simply sit and think, powerful music and inspirational lyrics are what we need in our world today, and soad definately delivers. ROCK ON AND KEEP BEIN BADASS

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