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Performed by System of a Down

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amazing | Reviewer: anon | 11/4/13

this song really suits me, I'm twelve years old and I have all these strange thoughts racing through my head. Soad somehow wipe away all those thoughts and give me new ones, like how amazing they are and how they can separate themselves form all the other bands.
soad are my current favourite band, and this is coming from a hardcore death metal fan

system is life! | Reviewer: andrew | 10/16/11

system is the best band ever listen to there voices so radcore! also serjs solo stuf he did in auckland im on back cover :)
amazing. i still havent seen system of a down live yet as thy dont come to new zealand much even no serj has a house here grrrr one i listend to system 18hrs strait road trip to christchurch. listen to all sysrem once a day :)

Spiders are in tune | Reviewer: ntrask28 | 9/20/11

It is not 'poor June' it is "storming of board room." The men in suits coming in to read our minds through technology.

The 'vchip gives them insight' - any other suggestions for these lyrics? Why the hell doesn't SOAD post CORRECT lyrics on their website. Aggravating!!!

good news | Reviewer: Chancellor morris | 12/13/10

Well just so you guys know system of a down are back on tour....just in Europe tho >.< but like you guys system of a down is quite amazing and if you listen to all of their songs you will see that ALL of them have a meaning and all of them are very political, which is why i personally like them. i personally think that they will never "officially" get back together, but the tour makes me happy ^.^. you guys should also check out Scars on Broadway, that is a band created by Daron (the guitarist/vocalist) and John (the drummer). or Serj's albums like elect the dead, and the imperfect harmonist. his music is all the politics of system of a down without the hard guitar.

Wonderful song! | Reviewer: Franck | 12/2/10

love the song. i personally think that system of a down - spiders, and lonely day, is the best songs they've ever created.
if you listen clearly to the lyrics it all makes sense. but if you choose to be ignorant the song will make no sense and suddenly it'll all sound horrible (in the ears of an ignorant person)

nwo | Reviewer: jonette | 4/22/10

I have listend to this song over and over again then i realized, V-chip? I wonderd if anyone else cought that too. your lives are open wide the V-chip gives them sight. so to kris and michelle thank you. I knew i wasn't crazy!!!!!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/10

I am a huge fan of System Of A Down and I like every single one of their songs. Ive known of this song for a while but never really liked it as much as others, but listening to it again recently has made me realise how beautiful this song really is. I really hope that they get back together soon, as they are one of my favorite bands and to see them live would be pretty amazing.

Occult meaning | Reviewer: Kris | 12/22/09

June is you and me, the average person trapped within view of the surveillance grid. Somewhat like how Big Brother watched Winston Smith in George Orwell's novel 1984.

The moon represents the Cult of Diana, and the old world controlling families. They stem back for centuries, and anyone willing to do the research will see that the same small group of families have controlled the world, for hundreds, if not thousands of years. That is why all of the presidents are related, members of secret societies like The Bohemian Society. Curiously enough their slogan is "weaving spiders, come not here".

The meaning of the song is simple, soon June will be awakening from her slumber by the spiders, or the ones who are "aware"

Spiders | Reviewer: Michelle | 11/15/09

I think this song is called spiders because we have nowhere to hide from cameras and remote viewing and when Serj says "your lives are open wide, the v-chip gives them sight." it means you have nowhere to run and hide from anything because you are being watched by someone. And when he says "Before you know all awake" it means before you know it someone knows what you're doing.
This is one of my favorite songs by System of a Down

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/09

A sad song. With a meaning. A meaningful meaning. I still wish to find out what this song means. If anyone feels like telling me, I'd love to know. System is a wonderful band, and this is a surprisingly mellow song.

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