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Performed by System of a Down

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meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/09

I also believe that this song expresses the band's feeling on the Armenian genocide considering the fact that young men were taken from their homes to be killed right in front of their families eyes and no matter were they went, they knew the ground they were walking on was going to be their grave...And in the end, 1.5 million people were killed, thus the stanza, "Welcome to the Soldier Side
Where there's no one here but me
People all grow up to die
There is no one here but me"

Meaning | Reviewer: Xaru | 1/1/09

I take this song as anti-war and it touches you deeply as it gives detailed descriptions. "All young men must go" refers to the fact that in some countries, going to war is imposed on you. Remember that the singer is of Armenian descent and his ancestors were killed in the Armenian genocide. "God is wearing black" means that God looks onto the world and wears black in mourning for all the innocent lives taken by mad heads of state and/or 'tough' guys who want to prove themselves and then they realise they are "never going home". Today many attrocities are done in the name of religion-"Bishop tells the King his lies". In the end he is alone talking to himself, maybe the only one sensible enough not to go to war or maybe because he is a foreigner. He also seems to give up on the sense of life because everybody dies in the end-"People all grow up to die". I think the meaning of "soldier side" is the people who support soldiers and voice their opinions. What the singer wants to implicate is that him only in the whole world is keeping the soldiers in his mind, while everyone just takes them for granted and discards them from their lives.

10x for reading my review and write what you think of it pls.Happy New Year.

its amzing | Reviewer: Matthew Montford | 11/15/08

when i first heard this song it made me think...i loved it its touching and emotional you people if you havent alredy go on youtube and whatch the video, pay attention to the video not the music its amazing!

Good, sad song | Reviewer: Endy | 10/20/08

I think this song is about the loneliness and despair of the soldier on the battlefield.

The name means than when you're about to die on a battlefield in a foreign country, forsaken by everyone, the usual propaganda idea of being on the "good side" crumbles and you're only on your own side, the "soldier side", trying to save your life for one more day.

It also suggests that all the soldiers in the world are united in loneliness and misfortune and constitute a "soldier side", opposed to the cynical rulers who send them kill and getting killed without risking anything themselves (as in B.Y.O.B : "Why don't presidents fight the war ? / Why do they always send the poor ?")

A former soldier | Reviewer: Cris | 9/23/08

Id say this is a pro soldier song, sending men to war for who's reason? "Bishop tells the king his lies". Soldiers who signed up to defend there country find them selves fighting some other dysfunctional countries war, AND who is the voice of the solder? I think the whole idea of The Soldiers Side is the singer is the only one choosing the soldier’s side, as a posed to picking a side of the war or civilians. This song gives me a deep respect for SOAD and is a soldiers best friend.

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/08

personally, this is coming from somebody that is going to be shipped into war in a few months, this song has many different meanings, I see it to be reffering to all those that have fallen and to know that you are just going to fill in their place,

..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/08

People on page one. The song is about people who are called to serve the country. "All young men must go" They also mention the poeple who want to go to prove to themselves they can do it "He's gone so far to find no truth" The whole song is about war. Religion influencing decisions to go to war. And finally, death doesn't care how you were in this life, sinner, joker, mourner. He's gonna kill you and take you away from those who love you and you can't do nothing about it. The ending proves he understands that his fate is that he will die and it shows his transformation from average joe to a military man who accepts his decision. In most writing this is usually just before death.

Nice song no title. | Reviewer: Jimmy | 8/28/08

Ah soldiers in Iraq fighting dieing geez i feel so sorry for them this song is more then a song it tells you alot!
Imagine seeing a person dieing slowly on the battlefield your best friend or your brother i'd just want myself to die seeing it this song so going in my music video.

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/08

this is one of my favourite songs but im not sure about its meaning... i ve never known war and no one i loved died that way but in america many fimilies lost one or more men and i think tht is what it means... that men in america have to fight and die for their stupid goverment without their permission... they grow to fight if the gonerment ask them to do it

hahahaha | Reviewer: black eyes | 5/28/08

you gays i am not an amercan boy or else i am a palstinan boy " the contry that issrail ocupit it even i cant write in english just a litle bet "
but i thik that the meaning of the song is close to me becouse you cant feel the meaning unless u are in the setuation and i had 4 frinds are killed in cool blood when the issraillian soldirs shot them un ther head . so that is the feeling for any woman or man had a famile and boys every day its the same fear . so what is ur opineon .

Understanding.. | Reviewer: Reason | 4/16/08

I think the stanza "young men standing on the top of their own graves" means that these soldiers are fighting and theres no telling wether they will get killed or not..and if they do die....thats their grave right one knows the truth about God...he oculd be anything...just believe in him...

ok | Reviewer: HappyDinosaur the original | 3/21/08

every song from system of a down has a very deep meaning... they make lyrics with metaphors not a lot of people get sometimes and sometimes they make it just come out plain and simple... Daron makalikan (sp) even talks as if he was yoda if you understand what i mean

soldiers side has been said to be like a two part deal with lonely day

soldiers side being when a person that is close to you is drafted or put in war, and lonely day is being the day that you find out your close friend or relative had died

very good song | Reviewer: SOAD lover | 1/25/08

some songs have no meaning which is not good. i am all over this song. im not sure about its meaning but t does have some sad truth n it.... another song with this kind of meaning is boom! and BYOB.

why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/11/08

I really like this song, as well as many other SOAD songs. I not sure though, whether all their songs are supposed to have such deep meaning that some of you are saying.

Mom Approved | Reviewer: Eric | 1/6/08

My mother loves this song, and she has trouble reconciling this fact with the fact that this band plays heavy metal with swearing in it. Oh well, she's missing out on all the other great SOAD songs. Meanwhile, I also enjoy this song and consider it a better ending than two songs in a row with "Hollywood" in the title.

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