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Performed by System of a Down

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eRIC is wrong | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/10

Dude, you are dead wrong. "energy is made of consciousness"??? What the hell is that supposed to mean? The fact that you think the universe revolves around the human consciousness is just retarded.

Change | Reviewer: Kendall Gotcher | 1/7/10

I think this song is about how people should stop predicting the future were not Gods. I think its simply saying that no matter how much we predict we will be let down or be wrong because we will never know. You an have 20 years of college and a phd and that isn't going to give you super powers. I think its saying no mater how any test or experiments you do it isn't going to change whats actually going to happen so we should stop trying and just see what happens and also stop worrying about it.

I agree | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/09

The lyrics of this song are also extremely good, SYOAD knows exactly a small part of the truth, i receommend what Eric said, he truly understands something about it, not much people today i see thinking that way,

beautifull song.....

what you cant see | Reviewer: eRIC | 7/21/09

Well quantum siences have shown that when you break down sub-atomic particles that everything is made of energy, energy is made of consciousness and consciousness is made of spirit. look it up. we affect what we precieve as reality in the 4th demension by viewing the 5th demensional us (thats deep stuff dude). ancient civilizations have known that consciousness is the building blocks of everything. science has failed us in that we have been programmed by "diseased programing for centuries" we are just figuring out our role in nature through quantum theories and so-on. soad is amazing that they see this and have known about it for a while and now that ive found "one" i know the meanings to most if not all of thier songs... so beautiful is "science"

Pretty good song... | Reviewer: Sean Hope | 7/19/09

I found this song on a mix CD i have, and since i got a few other System Of A Down songs, i know how the lead singer sounds.

Good song, but somehow the lyrics aren't as good as their other songs,but still good.

Agree with Tao Poop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/09

I love the song, but the lyrics are so stupid. How does science fail us when it saves lives? The human life expectancy has tripled since the unification of a scientific model - it has truly saved us.

Great song...stupid premise | Reviewer: Tao Poop | 4/26/09

This is an amazing song musically. The entire premise of the song is bogus, though. Science has failed because it doesn't recognize spirit? Science and spirit are mutually exclusive. The vast majority of scientists believe in a god...they understand that science is a way of seeking understanding through knowledge. Science doesn't recognize faith because it isn't concerned with faith, that's not what it is for. Science is performed by scientists, most of whom have faith in an underlying spirit. This song criticizes for the sake of criticism. I would have expected better from an otherwise intelligent band.

oh! | Reviewer: Alice | 10/28/08

Before I saw this page I always thought it went "spear that goes through all things", as if science destroys people's beliefs about stuff... idk, I'm either right or wrong lol. I love this song, it's why I dropped Science at school

no faith in science | Reviewer: Molly | 11/24/07

As a science geek I totally do agree with and love this song. It shows that although people try to rely on science as the Absolute Truth, it's far from it. There really is spirit that moves through all things, and without it there is nothing. Science fails to recognize that there is more to us than a load of chemical compounds and we need to let go of the idea that it is the only constant in the universe. People need to have faith that there is more to live for too than just what we see.

Good stuff. | Reviewer: Wo Dao | 6/24/07

Hah, gotta love the song...

Compassion optimizes instincts...and an optimized instinct is the true way of sensing truth...hahah

:] | Reviewer: dan | 5/9/07

i like when theres the chanting and stuff

its sweet

that is all.

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