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Performed by System of a Down

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My view on this song | Reviewer: SomeDood | 6/27/13

I've always thought the lyrics meant how science has failed to prove religion wrong.
For centuries (,centuries, centuries)human kind has been trying to make progress and look for answers.
But since the war about believe has continuously been going on since human kind ever existed science has failed us.
We're always predicting the future, trying to figure out all there is to existence but fail to realize convincing everyone the same is not near to realistic.

uhhhhhh | Reviewer: 19 y/o noob | 5/16/13

saying you study quantum physics/mechanics and also stating as fact that consciousness has nothing to do with it is...well, "retarded" as you put it. what about "spooky action at a distance"? i wonder if quantum entanglement and consciousness are related? I can't prove I'm right yet but you can't prove I'm wrong. Doo you just believe consciousness is electrical signals or chemicals? I mean you don't actually seem like you know what you're talking about either, but eRIC is...misinformed, i agree

I think the problem lies with religion which is a joke, really. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/12

Religion is man's way of interpreting the ultimate reality. It is not man's fault. Religion is a powerful part of human history and never to be regarded as "a joke". To deny the role of religion in human societies, is to deny a historical reality. Ignoramus.

illuminism and materialism | Reviewer: eliezer | 4/11/11

the lyrics really talks about how science (in the illuministic sense of it... or the humanistic view of it) has failed the human kind. If you think about it, the great modernist claim, was that progress would come through science, and it would abolish religion. Historically what followed the modern era?? two world wars.. the "myth of progress" through science has really failed us... but it's not really science in a broader sense, but in the modern strict view of it (materialistic, progressist)... moreover, when they talk about religion, it really about spirituality... and that's a phenomenon of the human existence, can't be denied... so now that we're entered the post-modernistic era... with planetary consciousness... we should keap that in mind: "materialistic view of reality is not the final one", "religion or spiruality it's a phenomenon of human existence, and therefore must be embraced, not repressed, as the cartesian men used to do"... "science doesn't have always the final word when it comes to human existence"... "ethical, humanistics and spirituality have also a strong and potent force in human existence".

Ufucpyc | Reviewer: MSunter | 1/19/11

I agree with a couple of you guys. Science cannot explain everything, and certainly cannot explain itself to the average idiot like eRIC. But lol I do agree that people gain a certain level of knowledge about infinity after a couple hits if acid. Anyway this string theory is really mind blowing. Imagine what we could do if we could someday control the base strings that make up everything. We could play God and erase the need for religion. Which would in-turn create a more sadistic and morally exempt world than we have today. And what if it goes deeper than the string theory? It's infinite... This whole universe is never ending. And people are forced to choose between following blind ignorance (religion) or confusion and a false sense of greater knowledge (science).

energy | Reviewer: The guru | 1/9/11

the song is saying that science is the new religion but it isnt because there is no faith needed, spirit is the energy that flows through everything even inanimate objects, try to understand this it might be hard if u havent done acid but the universe is infinate what ever matter or energy is spirit because it is infinatly changing forms and nothing we can do can stop it we are a form of energy right down to the very atom but it doesnt stop there it goes smaller to quarks and even smaller, it is infinate how small the little specks and particles get and science no matter how andvanced will never comprehend how the universe works ever.there is a ballance between positive and negative and the human species has altered it so the earths spirit has reacted and is changing around us to fix the balance, like newton said for every action there is a reaction , whether it be good or bad

this song makes me think | Reviewer: ben | 12/22/10

This song makes me think about the atomic bomb, actually, especially in the line "science has failed our Mother Earth". Think about it: the greatest scientific achievement of mankind poses the greatest dangerous to destroy our world.

Not so sure | Reviewer: Riaan | 10/24/10

this is a great song by SOAD, I'm not sure if it the lyrics are meant to be sarcastic, but I don't think Science has failed us altogether. I think the problem lies with religion which is a joke, really.

Spirit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/10

This song is probably not against science as much as it is against religion. System understands that science is at least trying to solve the mysteries of the universe, but because it fails to acknowledge spirituality, it is fairly useless. Religion on the other hand is downright destructive to knowledge and true spiritual self discovery. Because science hasn't taken up the task of explaining the spiritual side of reality, it almost encourages those who have experienced that to follow religion instead. In America there is a stark rift between those who follow science and those who follow religion, but System says both are getting a raw deal. Spirituality as I know it is a union of the two.

I like the song but... | Reviewer: Irritated | 7/9/10

I agree with that anonymous guy. eRIC may have just corrupted the minds of the innocent. Have you never heard of string theory? That's what's being looked into at the moment. Everything is made up of spirit? What the hell? If you removed yourself from existence, I have a feeling the average IQ of your country would increase by about 3 points.

4th dimension 5th dimension | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/10

what he said about that makes sense if you believe in the theory that the 4th dimension is time. the 3rd dimension is allowing things to travel from one point in the 2nd dimension to any other point in the 2nd dimension. being in the fourth dimension is allowing us to go wherever we want in the third dimension (theoretically time) the fifth dimension is being able to go wherever you want in the forth dimension, so if the fourth dimension is time the 5 dimension is all possible time lines which is what he means when we view our 5th dimensional self. when we veiw our 5th dimensional self we are viewing a possible outcome of our life or a possible point in our life in the future.

just my thoughts. its all theory to me.

human existance | Reviewer: Lulu | 3/26/10

Its about how science fails, through make-believe, that we evolved from apes and all that
crap. Human existance... Science can be used to do great things, but the worlds hypnotic
system we all get brainwashed into, tries to make us believe in lots of untrue things proven
by made up theories. And yes its true that everything is energy, positive and negative,
good and bad, "faith" teaches us that much. Believe.

My Understanding of the Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/10

i don't think this song seeks to rebuke science in general. i think system of a down are smart enough to appreciate the benefits of modern science (studio recording). i think it simply criticizes man's over reliance on pop psychology and the gratuitous application of the scientific method, the breaking down of each organic experince that makes up life into precise, mechanical steps that tell u if little johnny will be a good student by meeting a predetermined quota for his age group, for example. i believe the lyrics attempt to impart we stop trying to control everything and let such things unfold as chaotic or beautiful as its natural order compels. some things just need to run their courses, and we benefit greatly if we don't just try to medicate, condition, reason, or systematically rehab it away.

Science saves us from retardation. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

I read "what you cant see | Reviewer: eRIC | 7/21/09". What a load of new-age shit. I actually study quantum physics (the REAL kind) and consciousness is not a part of it. Energy is NOT consciousness. The 'c' in E=+-mc^2 stands for the speed of light. Retard. It is sad to see even in this day and age, people like eRIC that have deluded themselves into thinking they have some kind of special knowledge about the real 'truth' of the universe. For example:
"we affect what we precieve as reality in the 4th demension by viewing the 5th demensional us (thats deep stuff dude)."
No, it makes no sense, its utter crap, and the author doesn't even understand what the hell he is talking about. And he can't spell dimension, much less understand the word.
Science reveals the true nature of the universe. New-age mumbo-jumbo crackpot interpretations of quantum physics that requires a PhD to understand is quite simply lying to you. Science is reality explained. This crap eRIC is spewing is unfounded, untested, and definitely NOT scientifically supported nonsense that should have been exterminated years ago.

False | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/10

Faith has failed the world... Faith has failed the Mother Earth...
Since the beginning of civilized society faith has ruled... and it's failed miserably. Maybe it's time we let science give it a try.

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