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Performed by System of a Down

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luv this freakin song!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Kimbo Shaddix | 4/8/10

this is my favorite song by System of a Down and its like the perfect song to how jacked up the politicians are. and i liked the comment that microwave5593 wrote because it absolutely makes sense......... and its pretty funny too. but anyways this song is totally awesum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!! WOO HOO!!!!!

YOU & ME WILL ALL GO DOWN IN HIsTORY | Reviewer: JAZ | 10/30/09

Yo this generation sucks we live in a society where your free to live the way you want bull shit you don't have a fucken choice the president tells you to do something you better fucken hop because we live in a fucking american dream and theres no room for failure Thanks for reading this

you and me will all go down on history | Reviewer: {(JAZ)} | 10/30/09

you and me will all go down in history well whos going to watch you die your fucken mother nope shes not even going to be at your fucken pothetic funeral burying the fucken dead with flowers and cries toward god thanks

mhm.. | Reviewer: anarchist | 9/14/09

first off this song is lovely.. and amazing a definate top 10 for everyone, but anarchy cant be caused by a government anarchy is the lack of government or want for it.. i myself am an anarchist because the government is the worst idea ever.. it will always be wrong never right.

what generation? | Reviewer: microwave5593 | 3/26/09

dude, i dont kno if u guys have realized it but we have the douchiest generation ever. at least my school is like that. there seems to be just a blanket of lies wrapped over there head or sumthin. they wouldnt even consider the fact that the government lies to us, and im guessing its the same everywhere. while we worry ourselves over who is beating the shit outta rihanna there is a nation-wide economic depression goin on. what the fuck. ppl beating there wives is nothing new. obviously kanye or whoever the fuck did it should be considered guilty and put in jail. no need for the rest of this other bullshit bout text messages and shit is neccessary. but ppl in my school r too concerned with that instead of things that really matter. like the fact that were still at war. well'p now i can tell my kids when i grow older that i grew up in generation faggit. (no disrespect to homosexuals) dont ever go to waterford new york. its full of idiots. thx for reading my little rant btw.

You and me will all go down in history... | Reviewer: M3GA M3SS1AH | 12/27/08

This song is amazing. Some interpretations can be that as the current generation fades away into history, the newer generation steps up to the plate. It can mean that we are losing ourselves to anarchy in a veil of lying politicians. Liberty is lost, and all is for not as we are written in the testaments of History. Amazing song and definatley one of System's best.

Corrosing | Reviewer: Ricardo | 3/27/08

Yes, and you wanna know who is the "generation that didn't agree"? The ones who will all keep being manipulated and keep on disagree with those who previewed that ruin. Do something america!
BTW, SOAD rules alot but we all know that! \o/

this song | Reviewer: Raymond | 1/5/08

I think this song is sending a political message saying that our rulers (politicians) are doing a bad job and ruining their people(us). So that's why we will all go down in history ... even the statue of liberty will fall down, and that's very symbolic because the statue represents liberty so that means we have no liberty. and even though the whole generation did not agree with the rulers, they did not listen, so that's why we'll all go down eventually.

nice nice nice | Reviewer: Dustin | 10/24/07

so is this song about how our generation is all messed up and stuff, what else is it saying besides that? anyone?

Been and almost always will be.. | Reviewer: Anon | 8/23/07

My favorite song of all time. The beauty and meaning of the song doesn't fade even with time, it rings true. Bestest-best song on Mesmerize.

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