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Performed by System of a Down

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Soft attitude | Reviewer: Roman | 2/27/13

Unlike SOAD usual stuffs, this song is pretty emotional. No matter how hard your attitude is, a soft side always remains inside of you. So, don't ever think there's nothing that can hurt you just because you are more of a metal-header. Great song. This song, along with Soldier Side has brought me down to tears. I personally feel this song is about the confusions of life and which way to take in, and whether risks should be taken for betterment.

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonomys | 8/18/12

This song applys to my life as well because theres two girls I really like, I talk to them both in texts, phone calls, messages on FB... the first girl I like, I met her at a party that my cousins and friends took me too a year and a half ago, me and her used to talk every now and then but just recetly she stopped messaging me back I've got worried, I really like this girl my cuz and his girl said I should quit trying for her but I don't know what it is about her... the second girl I like is a really nice girl, great personality, likes the same stuff I like but she, well? I ask her out but she said shes not ready for a BF right now... I don't know who to choose, First girl just give me a chance, Second girl please make up your mind.

Great song. | Reviewer: Tyzer | 11/21/11

Amazing song. As for everyone with girl problems. It works out in the end. And the people saying you settle for someone you don't like much. Only if you choose to. I have been in a faithful relationship with a girl I've known since I was 2 for about 20 years now.

ohai | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/11

Good song, but seriously people shut up about how you liked some chick and so and so happened; this isn't a place to talk about your teenage angst. Bitches come and go, and in the end you're either alone or you settle on someone you don't like much, but whom you know will be willing to put up with your bullshit for the rest of your worthless lives. That's just it.

have no words | Reviewer: Christian | 8/9/11

Thats the truth, i have a friendship with a girl above 9 years, we meet at the school when we were childs, but i dont know, one day I woke up and when i saw her that day, my heart exploted! really!! its a very stranger feeling!, was an unexpected emotion!, its like wtf is happening to me! Right now we are couple,but some times i saw act like friends and we demostrate our love in two ways, like freinds and like couple!! Guys, really if you fell in love with someone(especially with a friend) look for a special moment to tell her your feelings. Regrettably, the first time that I told her wasnt the correct moment and she says NO!, The problem is that it hurts alot, The firts thing in your mind is"what a mistake, she wont talk with me never again"!. But in that moment I just accept it and we continue with our friendship, until one day that she also felt in love with me! That moment was so special, I ask her" what is the first thing that come to your mind??" and she told me" a second oportunity" I was like O REALLY I CANT BELIEVE IT!, O God A WONDERFUL MOMENT, the best of my life!! BTW GUYS HOPE THAT this history can hepl you! Be in love is the best thing that god or anyboby you believe!! had created!! GBY

Amazing | Reviewer: El Flaco | 7/26/11

I love this song.. is just what is happening to me right now...
Just as CONFUSED said... I had the same "problem"... but finally I talked iy over with her... we are still friends but there is something between us that has not yet happened because she is at a difficult time of her life...
I don't know your exact situation, but I would talk it over with ehr... if she is a TRUE friend, she won't screw your friendship, she would know how to differentiate things...

s.o.a.d | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

this is a great song but telling you ex you still want her back and how much you miss her over the internet is rely sad you sound.more like pussys than system fans if ur girl left you get over it and get a new one! life gos on and on

Still Love You | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/11

Im insanely in love with this girl, and shes too busy screwing around. We had a past, but my heart plays russian roulettes with my feelings for her. Most of the time when im with her i adore her and want her to forget the bad, and remember the good....

This song = Amazing. | Reviewer: Confused. | 5/23/11

This song is just too amazing. The first time I heard it I thought it was written about my own life...

My problem is that I've fell in love with my friend... Or so I think. Just like in the song "I know how I feel around you, I don't know how I feel around you" I'm playing a game of "She loves me, she loves me not" with my heart. Sometimes I think of her as nothing more than a friend, whereas sometimes my heart just screams out that I love her. And that is something I find really, really confusing... I can't decide wether I actually love her or wether it's just something else... But I'm deadly afraid of fucking up our friendship.

I'm such a wreck of a human beign...

Many experiences | Reviewer: Armistrong Souto | 5/20/11

For so many times i felt this way. And each one of them remains in my mind. Life is the most wonderful experience. We should never mind. Never believe you wont be meeting somebody anymore. Life never stops, and we will meet, again.

Russian.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/11

This song connects to me so much. I loved this girl, and for about six months.. I dare say their the best memories of my life. Later though.. She liked my best friend and broke up with me because she got "bored." But she never got him.. And I still love her SO much, even though my friends say shes bad for me. And that I should move on.. But if your reading this, Kenz. I still love you. I wish you'd love me back. I'm willing to forget the months of lies you threw at me if we could start over.. I never stopped loving you.

I'm torn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/11

Between two gorgeous girls who both want to be with me. I'm already going out with one and things arnt the same anymore. I guess I'll have to play roulette and choose one. Thank you system for making a song that applies to my pathetic life

system? | Reviewer: Gabriel | 12/3/10

I love this song! Nothing describes my feelings like this song. I love this girl, but she doesn't want to give me a chance on the count that she thinks she'll mess it up. I don't see how she could. In my eyes, she is perfect. If anybody would mess anything up, it would be me. This song is exactly how I feel. I would sing it to her, but my singing definately isn't like Serj or Daron. But I love her and I love this song. They both inter-twine. I hope she is at least happy. I love you more than you will ever know, Vanessa.

Memories | Reviewer: Nikki | 11/13/10

My ex boyfriend hinted that he liked me with this song... I miss him soo much! :( i wish he knew how sorry i am & how much i love him even 5 months later.. I regret breaking up with him ever second of each day :( i hope he reads this... :(

It's great | Reviewer: Finn | 11/10/10

The song is called roulette, showing a gamble of life I believe, it's one of System Of A Down's FEW soft songs and it's great... I didn't expect it when I put "roulette" on from my "steal this album" album, I was waiting for some metal to start, but I heard this... Looked out my car window and thought wow...

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