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my god... | Reviewer: Cheeser | 5/20/05

These guys are consistantly amazing but my girlfriend finds them annoying. System Of A Down are head and shoulders above ANY other band going at the moment in my opinion. They are not your run of the mill nu-metal band. They are so much more, and further more, NO ONE sounds like System Of A Down.

SOAD's Got My Vote!! | Reviewer: DeadlyBeauty | 5/12/05

System of a Down is really a respectable, awesome group. With four extremely creative & witty minds, their writing is arguably some of the greatest work ever. I personally think that anyone who hates abuse of power should listen to their music. And people who love fun, fast rock can listen too. They're not just about politics, but they're not just about fun. They're perfect for an aspiring artist of any and all creativity to listen to.

w00p | Reviewer: TOM! | 5/5/05

these guys are very good and just so refreshing, cant wait until the new ablum comes out, i gotta pick it up and so should you!! B.Y.O.B. is an amazing song!

SOAD are the bomb!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/05

SOADs album Toxicity is one of the best albums i have ever listened to in a while. I just started getting interested in them about 4 months ago, decided to buy it and havent stopped listening to it since. The first song Prison song is so true to talk about the American prison system, and title track toxicity is almost like a warning of what our world will come to if we dont fix the pollution etc. The Lyrics in Mr Jack "Little men, big guns, pointed at our heads", subtely remind me of George Bush. when i told my friends that i like SOAD, i was asked 'why do u like them? Their music is so angry!' to which i replied, no they arent. have u ever heard aerials? The lyrics in this song are so meaningful, how can they be angry?
I saw SOAD perfom at Big Day Out in Australia early this year. They were sooo good, I would definetly pay to go see them perform again. Im eagerly awaiting their next CD.

SYSTEM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/04

SOAD toxicity is the best album made in 2004.The opening sont prison song is the best song to have started the album with.Every song in the album is mad and i hope the system makes a new album soon

From Armenia With Love | Reviewer: fxzero | 7/11/04

As a first time entrant, well sort of.. in the heavy metal music I went out and bought toxicity by System. I thought the songs they kept playing on the radio of em were preety sweet. Man was i blown away by what i had discovered. That CD is pure sweet honey... or gold on your preffecence. I enjoyed every single song and will now go out to buy more SOD albums. Every song has a unique theme and feel, it is all so revolutionary i hope System keeps going like the Beastie boys. Also, being half armenian and half russian i can say now that i am awesomely proud of my armenian side. Not that i was not before, now i just love it and so should you. System rules.

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