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ACrazyGuy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/11

This guys, more than their lyrics, GUYS, They know about music... those, yes are great compusers ... and what a nice lyric this song have.. Had me to think a lot, really.
hum... Am i dead? Who can awake me? :)
SOAD will fuck the system one day, save the wales !!@@@

Dreaming | Reviewer: jarrett | 8/7/10

SOAD songs are great in that theyre so interpretable. I think this song is just talking about dreams. "Do we know when we fly" = It is weird that even in our dreams we can fly but we dont even find it odd. Or it could be asking do we know when we die. Try listening to this one when youre high.
SOAD till death.

WHOO! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/09

System of a down is the best band ever!!! Theres something very unique about the band that sets them apart from all the other bands. Im not saying there arent any other awesome ones. I think theyre doing pretty good doing thier own individual stuff too. Serjs music and scars on broadway are both really cool. (In my own opinion.)

N/a | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/09

System of a down, possible one of the best bands ever, when they get back togather I will get there first new album. When I was younger I never knew the band, now I do, I think they're the best. The younger grade thinks I'm weird for listing to the band, they listen to rap and other stuff like that. SYSTEM OF A DOWN FOR EVER!

This is my favorite song | Reviewer: Jordan | 4/7/09

From all the bands, this song is the best song ever and its clip is the best clip they ever made. When I go to bed I just hear it again and again till I fall asleep. Great song.

Ghosts are now waiting for you... | Reviewer: M3GA M3SS1AH | 12/27/08

This is one of those songs that has caused me to go into heated discussions with friends about the meaning behind it. The song, rhythmically and lyrically, is beautiful to every possible to degree. The song can be about many things. Sweet berries can imply life itself, something sweet and common, yet individual in itself, and when we go, do we die? can imply the belief of whether or not an afterlife really exists. Amazing song, and one of System's best. Simply beautiful.

wow! | Reviewer: saretta | 11/24/07

oh my god!more i listen to this song more i like it..all i can say is : I LOVE SYSTEM OF A DOWN until i deserve to dieeeee!!!!!!!!
fuck the SOAD..:P

understanding? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

this song talk about chimic drugs (sweet berry)
and i have take many drugs...when we we die? ...i say yes... ghost waiting for me!
when we fly ...we are realy feeling like an undead....its like be dead but we walking and breathing!!!!!

LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Sharon | 7/8/07

This is one of the best songs they made.I love it so much.It has that hardcore feel with a calming feel aswell...

Half n half review | Reviewer: Bunholio | 4/24/07

Actually, i think system was WAY the hell better back when they had steal this album out, I'd have to say they sold out after that, I really did not like any song on mezmerize except sad statue.

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