Reviews for Lonely Day Lyrics

Performed by System of a Down

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brilliant. | Reviewer: misehl | 4/28/07

my god; what a song.
the best one yet, i've got to say.

Sofuckinggood. | Reviewer: crow | 4/29/07

This so is so fucking good. Whoever said this song sucks, can go die.

Chyeah | Reviewer: HF | 4/24/07

I didn't really listen to System of a Down until I found out they were my boyfriend's favorite band. But now I really like them, and I LOVE this song. Anyone with some kind of intelligence level can understand the meaning, and it's even better when you can relate some part of your life to it.

loves it | Reviewer: Kayla | 4/23/07

ok i love this song... me and my boyfriend broke up one time and we both heard this song on the same day and it was after a couple days of being broken up and after hearing this song when it ended he called me and the same time we both said "i love you" i cant go on with out u and we are still together we have been together a year and 8 months on the first of may so this song brought us back together it one of my favs...justin keith smith i love u forever cant wait till were married hunny

your day... | Reviewer: ROB--DIZZLE | 4/21/07

this song has different meaning to everone in different situations..when i saw the movie disturbia was the first time i heard hhits hard..

awsome!!! | Reviewer: isis | 4/23/07

anyways this song was in disturbia the movie

thatz how i heard about it anyways it rocks it makes you think about things u have made errors ad itz sad but its awsome

thatz an opinion but i like my opinion

this song is from system of a down

i love that band so much!!!1

depressing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/07

It's a good song but it makes you more depressed plus bad memories i guess...

disturbia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/07

well, i really used to hold a grudge against system of a down, but after this song, wow, ive gained so much respect towards them. like i heared this song in the movie disturbia, and fell inlove. i searched and came to down to realize that a band, that i was detested, made a brilliant song. this song owns, its short, but full of meaning. its amazing.

is the best | Reviewer: briana | 4/21/07

i llike thiz song, is so fuking real, i fell thiz song in my heat

song | Reviewer: al | 4/23/07

yes great song its weird that its so short but it might have been written by a different guy.

S.O.A.D | Reviewer: jenna | 4/23/07

love it, whenever i hear this song i just remember that my grampa is still watching over me.
i love system of a down

thanks Babe for telling me about them!

Tadzius o.O! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

pro....Such a lonely day
And it's mine
It's a day that I'm glad I survived

Good Song. | Reviewer: hulagirl86 | 4/18/07

I think it was smart ot use this song for the new movie Disturbia. It really does describe the main character's feelings.

Lonely Day | Reviewer: dilshan | 4/1/07

Damn! what a song.
this is one of the graetest songs that i ever heard fom SOD. this song have a depth meaning.

Yup | Reviewer: stayoutofmylife! | 4/1/07

Yup SD is purdy awesome.. its an ok song BOYB and SUGAR are ALOT better but if you like this slow stuf then go for it im more into the fast loud stufz so ya but i have it on my IPOD... so it cant be that bad.

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