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Performed by System of a Down

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How dare you jim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/2007

How dare you say something as irresponsible and ignorant as, 'say whatever you want about Bush or any politician or president, they don't give a damn about your opinions.' Unfortunately, with the Bush administration, this seems to be true. However, It is OUR duty as American's to voice our opinions and to vote our conscience's. That is what makes America the Greatest Country in the World. Bottom line: People are NOT suppose to be afraid of THEIR government. Their government IS suppose to be afraid of them however! Since after all, this great country was founded BY the people, consists OF the people and exists FOR the people! Say what you want about your relatives that chose to go to war or whatever. I have NO problem with the soldiers...It is the administration that I am outraged at. The so-called "war" on Iraq was never even legally declared, making the whole debacle UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Matter of fact, We as a Country have not legally declared a war since WWII and what do you know? We haven't won a war since WWII as well!! President Bush is a self serving, fear mongering, war mongering lunatic...That is NOT a slam on the soldiers or the families of soldiers. WE WERE ALL MISLEAD AND IN FACT, OUT RIGHT LIED TO! Thank God I still have the right to voice that TRUTH!

American Patriotism??? | Reviewer: American Woman | 8/18/2007

At the start of the Bush admin.'s "War On Terrorism", U.S. troops were deployed believing, like everybody else, that we had urgent and very justifiable cause for invading Iraq. However, over time, it became apparent to anyone willing to face reality, that none of the rationale used at that time to gain support for the war held any water. The Administration has even admitted that the "intelligence" received alleging there were WMD to be found in Iraq was in error. I can almost understand your joining in your brother's "love" and support for Bush, but it is tragically misguided. You lash out at the Americans holding the Bush Administration accountable for sending these men off with no exit strategy and a falsified purpose. I'm sorry, but that is just the hard-cold truth! An obscenely wealthy, self-serving, incompetent oil man is running this country and it is HIS war in Iraq....not that of the American people! You stated that Americans who "aren't in Iraq" should have no "say so", and, well- we don't! You also think it isn't our business what our president does? I've no doubt that Bush would like the way you think. Adolph Hitler would've fancied it, as well, being that you'd prefer to silence any and all opposition to a single branch of government and it's interests. That's incomprehensible to me! Personally, I'd like to hang on to any constitutional rights that I have left, thank you!

New Zealand | Reviewer: Sophie | 8/16/2007

I think that these lyrics are great, and i think that more artists should make songs like this... and what some people are saying about how you can't blame everythig on George Bush... I think that, to a certain extent, YEAH YOU CAN. I live in New Zealand, we don't send troops over to Iraq and i really applaud our Prime Minister for not supportig Bush... Troops shouldn't be in Iraq anway. It's all a load of bullshit from a crap president.

Yeah umm | Reviewer: Jim | 7/27/2007

Ranyos.... im sure you care about your "cousin" and all, but my brother is at war in Iraq. He loves president bush and america. I dont understand how ignorant people who "arent in Iraq" should even have a say so... you pussies arent risking your lives to help out the country, so shut the hell up. The people who are out risking their lives, "want" to do so. If they didnt, they would just not... so why is it any of your business what the president does... are you just all mad that you are just gunna grow up and never amount to anything? Ill tell you what, you can say whatever you want about Bush, or any other politician for that matter, and they'll never give a damn about you or your opinions... because youll never amount to anything. Atleast our American soldiers amount to something.... let them keep their balls, and you guys can just go cry somewhere and feel sorry for yourselves.

some idiots... | Reviewer: roflmaool | 7/24/2007

OK you idiots who are like George Bush killed my son/brother/dad,etc. blah blah blah no one is drafting, soldiers go into war KNOWING THEY COULD DIE you enter at your own risk. George Bush may not be the smartest man but you cant blame everything on him. for instance KATRINA idiots didnt move out KNOWING THERE WAS GOING TO BE A HURRICANE and then blamed it all on Bush because FEMA didnt get them help as soon as they wanted it, or theyre ignorance had them stay knowing a hurricane would hit...

Soldier Side | Reviewer: Ranyos | 7/5/2007

My cousin was called to active duty to be a gunner in a "hot zone" in which the American troops have no business. Being a Marine, he's ready and willing to go. But every time I hear this song, I get brought to tears because this song represents EVERYTHING I feel about the war in Iraq and beyond. Our involvement has gone on long enough and thank God that Bush is going to be out of office soon. This world would be so much better if everyone in power wasn't only looking to fill their own pockets with money. I swear to God, if my cousin dies because of Bush's greed, there will be hell to pay, even after he is out of office.

Cmon! | Reviewer: Stevie | 6/9/2007

hey man... it's just a matter reading the whole lyric... wy would you tink tha the song could say "kik" i mean... it's quite nonsense... it's common for kids to be told lies by people from curch... but a Bisop? they don't usually talk to kids...bishops talk to kings... they are those who tells the truth (or at least their own)

Wich is the original? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/2007

It is "Cruelty to the winner, bishop tell the "king" "Kid" his lies"?

i remembered it was kid, but i can't get it too much people write it in the two ways

Fuck Bush | Reviewer: Trammway | 5/8/2007

if Little gEORGE eard this song maybe he wold think twice before doing all this f+u+c+k+i+n+g s+h+i+t

SOAD lyrics | Reviewer: some asian girl | 4/26/2007

they are both correct...they are both "soldier side" but just one is just an intro and the other is the full..."soldier side intro" and just "soldier side"...but yeah it's pretty awesome!! i luv it <333

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