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Performed by System of a Down

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Calm down? | Reviewer: Ashley | 2/12/08

all i can say to whomever disrespects SOAD is, if you don't like the music, go listen to something else, stop trying to influence people to be like you. SOAD is for individuals that are just looking to have fun. It is good music, even when it doesn't seem to make sense there is always a meaning behind it. They make the music, why not listen to it? You like your bands, we like ours, get used to it, it doesnt mean it has to seperate people from friends and is just music.

Dude...WTF isThis Guys Problem? | Reviewer: JR | 1/22/08

how is SOAD or even this song the devils music, thats like calling Jessica Alba ugly dude, oh and who the fuck is Boney M.????
dude, i live in a house where pretty much everyone goes to church, trust me, SOAD is doing good for everyone

what is wrong with it?? | Reviewer: brandon | 1/11/08

hey i love SOAD they are my all time fav band
they have great song after great song
i what i love about them is that they
sing what every1 else is to afraid to speek
they open up so many debates and everything they put into there lyrics is often true
and researched
there not dumbasses they are legands of there own right
they bring the trueth and put into a comical yet understanding text over all how could ne1 give them shit about what they have done with there musical talents in wich they have heaps of YOU GUYS ROCK KEEP UP THE GUD WORK

Funny. | Reviewer: GamerErman2001 | 10/31/07

This song is pretty good. It has a great sound and an amusing parody of dictators. I love the part about their shit and theirs cocks. "Can't you see that you love my cock?" ROFL! That is so funny! System of a Down is great band, makes wonderful music that is often very original.

to Nufsaid | Reviewer: your_daddy | 10/25/07

Whats wrong with you? Dont you know this is good music? Your floating around in your own little world and dont even know it!!SOAD ROCKS!Snap out of it! Theres lots of good music out there like SOAD, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Pink Floyd, try it, you might like it?

Boney M is too old for me. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

yo nufsaid. this is not about sinning or anything, well it kinda is, but its the big corperate and political figures that flaunt their power bringing us to our evident demise. "My Cock is much bigger than yours" means I have more authority over you or something to that extent. It's a political song that has nothing to do with the devil. Boney M is wayyy different from this music. They're okay. But i'll continue to like SOAD no matter what.

What the hell?! | Reviewer: Bob | 10/8/07

Nufsaid, this is just music. jut because you dont approve of the musi or its lyrical content, doesnt make it satanic or the devils music. you may be religious, but dont push it in other peoples face, or you will be told to fuck off, like now. Fuck Off!

To Nufsaid | Reviewer: Sandman | 10/7/07

Dude...this isn't the devils music. There IS no such thing as the devils music. All it is is music that doesn't conform and nothing about that is satanic. If you find it so evil why are you listening to it and looking up the lyrics? 'Cause if thats true...than you and I are totally fucked just for listening to this.

Wake UP ppl~!!! | Reviewer: Nufsaid | 10/5/07

Whats wrong with you ppl? Dont you know this is the devils music? Youre all floating in this sin cest soup and dont even know it! SOAD is directly influenced by satan himself! Snap out of it! Theres lots of good music out there like Boney M, try it, you might like it?

sustainability | Reviewer: guestwriter | 9/11/07

watch the interview of Serj Tankian by himself. It's hilarious, and gave me insight into his thinking and lyrics....he says, if there was an overall message of his new album, it would be that civilization, as we know it, is not sustainable. Hence "burning through the world's resources, then we turn and hide!" [my favorite part!]

CiGROOOOO | Reviewer: BOOOOM | 7/6/07

System rocks!
"My shit stinks much better than yours,
My shit stinks right down through the floor."
Hilarious! Something makes me think that this song made especially for haters...=)))

lol, my favorite | Reviewer: anybody | 7/3/07

xD this is actually one of my favorite songs, I just love it! oh, and one more thing:

Guys You Dont Know SOAD | Reviewer: Aerials | 7/3/07

guys you dont know about our band so dont criticize us because now you think that you are above us but you are wrong and i want to shut up and if you dont like us dont listen us damn people the only that know to do is to criticize us and other bands

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/07

Dudeman is a total dumass... The song is about the "fight" between the Americans and the Cubans and how lame it has gotten that they're now comparing the sizes of their cocks and how good their shit smells. Amazing song, that's all i have to say.

ILL KICK YOUR ASS DUDEMAN | Reviewer: not dudeman | 6/9/07

every system of a down song has a purpose, if u dont even like system of a down y the hell did u come to this fucking page? everyon here will kick ur ass now because your to damn stupid to connect shit togother. thats enought swearing for me fuck it i give Cigaro a 9.7/10 EAT IT!

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