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Performed by System of a Down

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dude? | Reviewer: jak | 3/24/09

first off, none of their songs are "anti-christian", if they were they would be talking about burning down chruches or kiling the pope or something, idk how that shit goes. if any of their songs is even an inch in that direction it is Sweit Pee, but it doesn't talk about killing jesus, it just refrences his (and how do u know it's a he) name, and talks about how people would die for him. If you think this is "anti-christian", lisition to the Slayer song Cult, off of Christ illusion

ohkay..? | Reviewer: kennedy hopkins | 3/19/09

first off, soad is such a great band. if you dont like their music, then why are you looking up their lyrics? wow, you guys must be complete idiots...every band goes on tour and sings and shit for money, what, do you think that they just do it for the hell of it?? i think not. fuck all of you that dont like system of a down.

Soad rules mofos! | Reviewer: mr.awesome | 2/10/09

well I'm a christian and i think their music is still amazing and I'm glad that there are bands out there that wish to address problems instead of let them slip by. Some of their songs are anti-christian but i think that's mostly because they realize the problems that come with religion. I constantly listen to these songs but it doesn't make me any less of a christian. you just need to relax and enjoy things for what they are instead of criticizing them. And to the people condemning the band. Why don't you go do something productive instead of tracking down a song that you don't like just so you can writ a crappy review about it.

Cling to your Religion. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/09

There is nothing that is against religion in this. But there should be. Hundreds of thousands of people have died in the name of your god. died out of spite because "Oh our magical energy being is better than your magical energy being". w/e. Awesome song, specifically relating to the bush administration's lobbyists wasting resources and thinking they are incorrigible.

Aight | Reviewer: Happysmiley | 1/21/09

So who cares if they do it for money? Don't tell me 80% of the Earths' population do what they do for money... As long as the lyrics and the songs are there people will react. And that is what really matters IMO.

i lov soad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/09

SOAD is the best group i ever listen to. their music talks about important things, the real world if you dont like it well dont judge it just listen to your music and stop saying that soad's music is evil and all those things becouse we wont stop listen to it just becouse a fool come and says silly things about something he didnt even know. we are just fine with our music leave us enjoy it and enjoy yours.

What is wrong with people? | Reviewer: Stfu... | 1/16/09

First of all, I agree that there is something wrong with listening to a soad song, looking up the lyrics, and posting a comment just to tell us that you DONT LIKE THE SONG? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a normal person hears a song, and they say to themselves "hey, I don't think I'm enjoying this music/lyrics", would they then go on to be and complete douchebag by flaming everyone that enjoys the music?

Hell no they wouldn't.

I wouldn't look up the lyrics to a snoop dog song and leave a comment saying he's a fuckface?

/end rant

Come on people | Reviewer: Gabrielle | 1/1/09

SOAD is a great band. It is peoples choice to listen to this music and if you don't like it then fuck off. Go listen to your music and we will listen to ours (which other people have said also) There music makes statements about things that other bands have never even thought of. And maybe they are only in it for the money, so what, does that even make a diffeerence. Thats what all bands are in it for it seems like. I really don't have an opinion if they are or not because to me it doesn't matter. And I don't think they are antipolitic or have anything to do with their music might offend religious people or whatever. I'm not really religious and I love their music but I'm not the best example. And this is something nobody has mentioned yet I dont think. Why are they catching flack for this. Some normal everdy nonfamous people write songs too but since nobody hears them they aren't catxhing anything bad for it. But no, since they happen to be famous because they make good music that people like all this stuff goes on about their music. Just because their famous and maybe have everything they want doesn't mean they deserve people hating them because of their music. under neath all that fame and fortune is a real person that their music might not actually say anything about the real person. Post hate comments about this if you want. This is my opinion I'm not saying I don't like people because they don't like this music just saying don't bother coming and posting your comments it's not changing anybody and... well ya.

Money | Reviewer: Mowrez | 9/19/08

Hey dumbasses, ALL bands sing for money. Do you think all those great bands who release like 20 albums do it for nothing? True, System sings gor money, but that doesnt mean their songs are pointless and sung for no reason. They worked hard to get here and money wasn't the only reason.

Reply to LOL | Reviewer: @LOL | 9/7/08

Actually Serj himself said that "Civilaztion itself cannot progress with the way man is" aka meaning things like corrupt companys and corrupt politicans. SOAD is political but they want you to see there lyrics for what you want to not to see what they see. In fact I think Daron, Serj, and either Shavo or John.. well atlest 3 out of 4 of them never knew there grandparents because of the Armanian genocide, so why don't you tell that to there face that they don't care about politics and it's all about making money.

Mwu haha | Reviewer: MonkeyTits | 7/30/08

Funny stuff this... "Sounds pretty hypocritical when you listen to their lyrics. You think these guys aren't living in mansions and partying with rich women and lots of coke every night?"...

Listen to Snowblind, they've never denied partying, living wealthy and all this... Doesn't stop their political beliefs... Besides, this is music at it's best, just enjoy!

LOL | Reviewer: LOL | 7/6/08

SOAD is decent but I have to laugh at those of you who think that SOAD is so anti-political. To the guy that said we have a chimp for a president, you're damn right we do, but you're just as stupid as the people who follow GWB if you honestly believe that SOAD believes in their lyrics. They just release this stuff to make money. Sounds pretty hypocritical when you listen to their lyrics. You think these guys aren't living in mansions and partying with rich women and lots of coke every night?

Doubt it.

SSOAD songs | Reviewer: Timberking | 6/22/08

YHey all! I must laugh as I read all the negative comments on SOAD's music..."Satanic" "Devil's Music" "Angry" Bullshit..If you take the time to rad the lyrics, you'll see that its a group of people who are lashing out at the chimp that the U.S. have running their country. Totally political-based songs. Give "B.Y.O.B." or "Aerials" a listen. Of course, I can understand how any Christian would have a problem with music like this. They'd say that it's anti-christian, evil, devil's music and the like because most republicans are god-fearing. It takes intelligence to truly appreciate music. I'm glad that MOST of you have a clue, and enjoy it.


STOP COMPLAINING! | Reviewer: Kyle | 5/28/08

You guys keep saying bad stuff about SOAD, but yet you are listening to it and the lyrics(nufsaid), it never says anything about hell and heaven in this song so why is everyone worried about it(besides the "private area" being bigger then yours =) )

OK, you guys are atupid... | Reviewer: Sean :}-3 | 2/15/08

If you don't like SOAD and think that they suck so badly, why are you listening to them and LOOKING UP THEIR LYRICS, TOO? That makes sense.... You guys are just trying to make an upheaval because you have no life...

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