Title | Reviewer: GlobalSilence | 12/8/11

You know not every song with seemingly meaningless words, and irrelavent lyrics, has to have some astounding deep meaning. Some songs are just meaningless. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but dont stump yourselves trying to find a meaning, or make an assumption of the entire song, due to some lyrics, or maybe two lines that coincide with eachother. In my opinon, I believe this song attempts to induce some subliminal messages about mid eastern conflict.

bring your own bomb | Reviewer: sophomoron | 2/10/11

System is truely ambiguous in their lyrics. they provide enough info to get us on the right topic, but thats all they want to do. we can all agree this song is about middle-eastern conflict, and thats that. there realy isnt anything more intended and thats how they want it. sort of a good way to start people to open their fucking minds

our rights | Reviewer: Mrs.Raven Samaniego | 12/3/10

it is our damn right to say what we want and i love this song from soad and honestly i agree with them ... if your smart enough you woul understand what they are saying ... it questions the integrity of war ...hell we have the right to know if our government is fihgting a war due to their greed of resources instead of finding some peaceful way to get a hold on them

wtf mr.chris | Reviewer: g-baby | 7/19/10

you stupid troll, u r an idiot government brainwashed moron, this song is about the truth, this war is a major fuck up that is covered up by the media, u just dont have the balls to understand, atleast SOAD do

@ sparky... i might have an idea | Reviewer: A person who has a name | 7/9/10

To me honestly, metal is sumtin you fathom,not just listen to.You have to beleive that this music, this, uncomprehendable expressive art is somthing that you have to be brave about. Those cowards out there who thinks metal is *trash* are obviously not brave enough to intake the message and take itfor what it is (thts wat she said) :I. Anyways........... metal is there to enlight the reason of that you think is dark,and messes with that to only make things better like lighter i should that most people think. Also hearing these masterpieces of unkown expression gives freedom to voids tht sumtimes arnt known of. i hope tht helps?

Bring your own | Reviewer: n | 5/17/10

Really; bring your own bullets.
Or bring your own body armor: Many soldiers back in 2004-2006 range had to BUY THEIR OWN freaking body armor when they went to Iraq. In some cases, it was just because the Army was supplying sub-standard crap that fell-apart in the heat after 6 months, and the soldiers had to buy better-quality stuff. In other cases, they literally had NONE.

The same thing goes for the Hummvees. They had ZERO protection, even from small-arms fire. So guys were going to junkyards, and welding body-panels from junk cars to the sides of Hummvees, until the Army SLOWLY started providing upgraded models. Then they came up with the MRAP, which protected against small-arms and IED's better (but cost about the same as 20 Hummvees, had 1/3 the range, and was so huge, could not travel through many of the smaller streets in remote villages and towns).

This was not just about the hypocrisy of the war - it was about how we didn't take care of our troops. The CEO's of the companies that made the equipment got craploads of money in bonuses, but the troops who had to use the equipment got squat.

Then, when they were injured in battle, sometimes (like for brain-trauma, deafness etc), the Army doctors would try to say that their injury was a pre-existing condition, so the army wouldn't have to pay for the long-term care for the wounded vet after he was sent home.

THAT is what this song is about.

MrChris....you are fucking stupid ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/10

Thanks to Adman en Sparky for their amazing reply on the fucking stupid MrChris ! I couldn't have said it better ! MrChris, you're just a bloody motherfucker (or should I say whorefucker ? ;))

Anyway; for me SOAD is the best band ever ! And this song proves my feelings about them over and over again ! :)
I also love it how they can put such meaningful texts together with great music !
Btw MrChris, I bet you don't understand the meaning of this song.. You're too occupied with your hookers to care about the real things in the world that happen and which are described in this awesome song ! :)

MrChris... you are fucking stupid ! | Reviewer: Marielle | 4/14/10

Thanks to Adman and Sparky for their awesome reply on that stupid motherfucker (or should I say pathetic whorefucker ? ;) )MrChris ! I couldn't have said it better ! =)

SOAD is for me the awesomest band in the world and this song is amazing !
Btw MrChris, your just too buzy taking care of your hookers to understand the lyrics and meaning of the song and just know what's really happening in the world !

right... | Reviewer: ... | 4/13/10

Stop acting like a bunch of Monkeys, If you dont like the Lyrics and the song, Why the F*ck are you looking for it on the internet?? that's Trolling i think. you don't even know where B.Y.O.B stands for >.> I like the song, I think their message is cool. they brought it in a funny and cool way. ^.^

Like Really?!?! | Reviewer: Sanzo Ryuzaki | 12/9/09

Some people who bash System usually are uptight conservitives. the essence of SOAD is just great. they put thing in the way that we as music lovers would understand, because honestly if it weren't for bands like System and Rage alot of people would be blind to what our goverment is doing. i love the goverment bashing riffs and songs of Serj he is one hell of a musician and philosipher. ( i cant spell and i dont care) lol

stfu you mofos | Reviewer: cisp | 11/19/09

amen MrChris you rock dude!!! xD seriously it makes no damn sense to actually look up the lyrics for a song and then talk shit about it i mean really... think about that for a sec (hmmm i dont like the song im gunna talk shit about it... wait wait.. no thats kinda dumb for me to look up the lyrics then how bout that)
huh lets start with.....think about what ur mother would say if she liked this song....she would be fuckin ur ass up.........think about the little puppy who loves you and then your just crushing his heart(he likes this song ...i mean who doesnt like bombs...) mail men are awesome :DDDD

wow omg itz da best | Reviewer: soad | 10/15/09

lol i like soad (first song that i heard of these guys was chop suey which was awesome) and i heard this 1 in ghwt and i love this kind of music so now i want more soad oh btw thanks for uploading the lyrics

MrChris- STFU!!! | Reviewer: Sparky | 6/5/09

I really don't know what's wrong w/ these ppl- looking up lyrics to a band they dislike then insulting it. the only reason you don't like it is because you don't understand it. if you don't like the song, then don't look up the lyrics to it, you fucking hypocrite! if you have a problem with SOAD and other metal, then LEAVE US ALONE! im so tired of having to listen to this bullshit about how they suck. how would you like it if i looked up the lyrics to a Chris Brown song then dissed him??? its ppl like you who give metal a bad name. ill say this 1 last time- STFU AND LEAVE US AND OUR MUSIC ALONE, ASSHOLES!
end of rant.
P.S. look at my entry about what metal really is on the "Fuck the System" lyrics.

Haterz Lol | Reviewer: Adman | 12/22/08

MrChris Is Blatently Jealous Because He Has Never Heard Such Music In His Non-Existant, Piece Of Shit Life =D. . . SOAD Owns And Their Songs Are The Pure Best To Be Honest Lol. . . MrChriss Got AIDS Off His Hooker That He Mentioned =D x

Pwnzzzzz | Reviewer: Moses | 11/27/07

''Hangers sitting dripped in oil
Crying freedom
Handed to obsoletion
Still you feed us lies from the tablecloth'' part,System Of A Down will be the best for eva!!!.