fuck!this song is awesome! | Reviewer: sarettta | 11/17/07

if you don't like the song juust don't listen to it..i just love this song and i think you don't really understand what real music is!!
SOAD the best!!!!!

Indifference | Reviewer: MrChris | 5/16/07

I don't know what sucks more. This song, this badn or a ten dollar whore. I expect the whore was better value for money...

BEST BAND IN THE WORLD | Reviewer: loly | 5/11/07

Definitely,soad is the best in the world,this song is fucking awesome,all their music is amazing,i love these guys!

yay | Reviewer: jay | 5/8/07

this isone of there best dang songs ever they need to make more like this

SOAD ROX | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/07

BYOB dosent mean bring your own bevarage or beer, for this song its bring your own bombs

... | Reviewer: felix w. | 3/18/07

good song and again oppening there mind for us and say what they think !!!!! hate bush , hate war , love SOAD !

wrong lyrics bro | Reviewer: S.O.A.D | 2/21/07

its barbarisms by barbars with pointed heelz!!!! beleive me i listen to this song so much i can literally do my voice like serj and sing the song. PEACE!!

fuck the system | Reviewer: FX48 | 2/21/07

BYOB is the most FUCKING DAM SONG EVER WRITE by system of a down. is exactly what i think about the fucking war. Why do the presidents fight their fuckings war? why do we have to fight their wars?. SYSTEM OF A DOWN, one the best heavy rock bands forever.

Remake? | Reviewer: AW | 8/2/05

I'm convinced this song is a remake - or at least borrows some lyrics from another song. Does nyone know what I'm talking about?

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/05

System of a Down constantly impress me with their approach. The blend and mesh feeling and emotions in a musical myraid. I am reminded of the way Frank Zappa left everyone feeling mindf*cked after they listened to his music. I just wish they were not so damned losted in their liberal notions. The stupidity of calling a nation fascist, when they are able to produce such scathing condemnation of said nation, show such political and intellectual immaturity, I almost have to laugh. And I would like to answer their question, "Why do we always send the poor?". Well now a days when we send our PROFESSIONAL Army of VOLUNTEERS, we are forced to send young men and women impoverished by a nation unwilling to pay them well for our services. System of a Down make an excellent point here. We do send poor people off to war, and we will continue to do so, as long as liberals, like Cindy Williams <Shirley from Laverne and Shirley> keep saying our military make too much money. Things that make you go Hmmmmm! Regardless of their political misunderstandings, I hope we continue to see this type of incredible, dynamic music from this band. And, however misguided it may be, I hope they never lose their conscience and desire to express it.

Once again, pure awesomeness. | Reviewer: Tam | 5/30/05

Yet another amazing song by System of a Down. Extremely catchy and well written. I was almost hoping they would stop after Toxicity, because we all know what happens to bands these days, they go from amazing, to complete crap with all this mainstream b/s, but SOAD have proven me wrong by bringing out this amazing song. They will continue to redefine metal, and rock on.


UNBELIEVEABLE | Reviewer: dsj | 5/16/05

System Of A Down once again re-define metal. Clearly, brilliant sheep have brilliant thoughts...

this song rocks!!! | Reviewer: Aaron Golightly | 5/11/05

this song is so cool because everytime i listen to this song it makes me have mixed emotions like the feeling to get into a mosh pit and some other times it makes me feel proud of myself for some strange reason and the movie for this song is so cool as well because it is a long time since there last video and thats toooo long!!!! THIS SONG ROCKS YOU BETTER BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT!!!!!!

I Love This Song!! | Reviewer: Abbie | 5/6/05

This song has got to be one of there best songs they ever had.. I have all their CD's and for sure this song is the best one! Its in my head all day long and I love it!!

wow, can they get any better? | Reviewer: Jason | 4/7/05

I don’t know if you can swear in these posts so I’m going to bother, but all I can say is System of a Down has gone over and beyond my expectations. They have wowed me yet again with their two released songs "BYOB (Bring your own bombs)" and "Cigaro" I love the choir's in "BYOB" the sound is great and I can not wait for the cd. I also love these two lines of the song, "Why don't presidents fight the war? Why do they always send the poor?" I hope they hit near Seattle sometime soon, so I can see their brilliant work. Great Jobs once again guys, you rock!